P2K (Priscan Peace Keeper)


As common as a pair of boots, the pistol known commonly as the P2K is carried by nearly every Priscan adult and in rural areas some older children. Contrary to speculation across the galaxy, Prisca is not a permanent war zone, it is a very peaceful planet with very little crime, and only minimal law enforcement; mostly to deal with social crimes. But having a P2K is personal thing; a person’s gun is a treasured item, which is often passed down through the generations of a family. These family heirlooms are usually quite ornate with family crests/ symbols rendered in fine metals and stones. A weapon this ornate would not be carried daily, but would be brought out on special occasions, and family gatherings to celebrate its history and tell stories of the ancestors who once carried it. 
In the rare instances of social unrest individual citizens are expected to step up and help solve the problem. The notion of personal responsibility is deeply woven into the Priscan culture, and carrying personal protection is a large part of this. The original name for the gun is lost to history, as they have been in use for centuries; the nick name Priscan Peace Keeper came along shortly there after. Just after the departure of the Ancients, Prisca descended into social chaos; their ancient ways had been obscured with the changes put in place by the galactic benefactors. The societal breakdown resulted from a weak central government that the Ancients intended to order the society. But they lacked the mandate of the people, and their ancient predispositions were reaffirmed as individuals came to take upon themselves their own well being. 

In the conflict between those that wanted to maintain the way of the Ancients were outnumbered, and over powered by a citizenry armed almost exclusively with P2Ks. The central government was toppled and replaced by a new governmental body mandated by the will, and if ever necessary, the force of the Priscan people. The P2K is less about protection from crime, and more directly stands as a silent chorus of freedom and independence from any central authority. 

As a direct result of the commonality of gun possession, murder or any other crimes committed with a gun are severely punished. Premeditated murder is punishable by death, if there are more than 10 unrelated/ unaffiliated witnesses, the punishment may be summary. Armed robbery may also be punishable by death under prescribed circumstances; but it is usually punished by a stint in the “Ice Box.” Priscan prisons are literally cold containment centers, as the planet is one of the warmest inhabited worlds in the galaxy the Priscan people are not lovers of the cold. It is not fatal, but it causes great discomfort for the inmates who are kept isolated for weeks at a time. Interaction with other inmates is beyond prohibited, it simply does not happen. Upon release they are disallowed the right the carry a weapon for upwards of 5 years; which is nearly as humiliating as the time in the “Ice Box”. 

The technology of the P2K is rather simple. It is a hand held weapon that fires a metal projectile usually a manganese based alloy, powered by a gel explosive contained in the base of the bullet. The projectile is fired by striking the base of the bullet, which contains the explosive gel, which in turn launches the bullet from the barrel of the gun. It is forbidden to export the P2K to other planets or any other extraterrestrial entities. This is a very serious crime on Prisca, as most other societies are considered too weak to be trusted with such a magnificent device.


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