Widget (Kalash Kothar)


The son of independent Apsu spacers; he is a man of exceptional intelligence and creativity.  As a boy, his parents recognized his sharp mind and attempted to enroll him in a Learned Society academy, but since his parents were independents, and had no affiliation with the guild or Co'ir he would only be admitted in a general studies program; and he would have to work as a janitor to pay his way.  Being far more intelligent than even his teachers, he breezes through his course studies and spends every moment of free time soaking up as much technical information he can find.  Constantly perusing the schools library for new information, he becomes a bit of an annoyance to the engineering students because he seems to always have the books they need to complete their work. 
When the war on Pyrah breaks out Kothar volunteers for service on a Co'ir bulk cruiser but he finds himself doing the same kind of mindless menial work he was doing at school.  This would begin to change when he meets a Syk'a rii black smith and his assistant who are traveling to Pyrah to support the troops there.   Bilah, who was previously the black smith at the Esagila temple on Tenerife is busily constructing a portable work shop.  Curious about the project he volunteers to help.  Bilah quickly discovers the young mans technical acumen, Widget as he nick names the lad is younger than his apprentice Sarai, but is so incredibly brilliant that he seems to be much older.  When the ship arrives at Pyrah, Widget sneaks away to the surface with Bilah and Sarai. 

Over the next four years, Widget will confound even the greatest engineers in the fleet with his adaptations and on the spot inventions.  It isn’t long before every technical problem is presented first to Widget, and then his suggestions are passed on to the engineers in orbit above; who consistently scoff at his ideas, right up until the moment they prove successful.  A multi talented man, Widget plays a small wooden flute that he carved himself while thinking over a problem on Pyrah.  He can be heard playing delightful little ditties of his own creation just before yelling out in delight at arrival to an answer to his current problem. 
Widget helps Bilah perfect his mobile work shop; he then begins designing better bows, crossbows and other implements to replace the useless electronic guns the troops arrived with. He would take materials from the useless electronic, computer controlled tanks and land vehicles and built equipment that would work within the tech free zone.  His greatest accomplishment is the development of a frozen battleship used to attack (port city) from the sea.  Made of ice and shredded wood the ship is massive, and nearly indestructible.  After the war Widget goes into hiding.  First to avoid erroneous accusations of war crimes because of the weapons he designed, then later to avoid the myriad of gangsters, thugs and assorted strong men who want to "hire" him to equip their armies. 


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