The Vet'ma

...death is the goal and bravery is the way!


When the Ancients warned of a pending doom for the planet Syk’ara there were many skeptics among the Syk’aran people.  Of the nearly billion souls that ventured forth unto the stars on the nearly 500 year journey in search of a new home most were willing travelers.  Nearly all of them strict adherents to the Enoch’var faith that was the staple of their society.  But not all the Syk’a rii fled the home world.  There was a sizable group that remained behind, led by a man named Ja’vet Mahk; they refused to accept the word of the Ancients and remained behind.  Early on in the journey there were among the travelers young people who were sympathetic to Ja’vet Mahk and they feared that by leaving their home planet they were leaving their god behind. 

While the number of this group who took to calling themselves the Vet’ma, never grew to anything more than a religious club, they were recognized among their fellows as being devout and dedicated to their beliefs.  But during the passing centuries of travel to the new galaxy, each new generation grew increasingly disjoined from the main body of Enoch’var believers.  A progression of radical Tahtlls would cause further agitation, eventually leading to the Vet’ma being gathered on a single vessel, to prevent them from further influencing future generations.  This also served to limit their numbers as the group mostly consisted of men.  For the remaining centuries of the journey the Vet’ma remained isolated from the other Syk’arans, only communicating with the other ships in the convoy enough to facilitate trade, and maintain the correct course.

When the fleet of nearly 15 thousand ships arrived in the new galaxy they began to disperse and seek out suitable planets to settle on.  The Vet’ma disappeared into the Bythos; some members of the group settled in among their fellow Syk’arans in places like the planet Syk’rha where the majority of the fleet ended their voyage.  Others assembled on space stations, while the remainder simply seemed to disappear.  A Vet’ma temple was erected in the wilderness beyond the magnificent new Syk’aran capital on Syk’rha but there numbers remained small as many people were devoting themselves to building lives on the new planet.  A de-emphasis on the old faith spread among the Syk’aran people.  And the Vet’ma remained silent for several centuries.


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