The Traveler
...wandering the worlds in search of something we cannot understand.

An Apsu man, born and raised in the stars, slightly above average in height, and an engineer by trade, The Traveler; born Myr Diin Bhuzan, is a fiercely curious man.  From an early age he has chronicled his travels from one end of the galaxy to the other, he has seen more planets and sampled more flavors than most people are even aware of.  The Traveler has seen some of the greatest moments in the galaxy of his lifetime; the development of the Co’ir super freighters and countless rebellions, coups and calamities both political and social.  Never one to desire attention, The Traveler takes great pains to conceal himself in plain sight.  He has over the years become a master of disguise, deception, and concealment.  Using a device of his own design, he can create micro thin gloves of genetic material to change his finger prints and hide his DNA.  He keeps his head and face shaved and will burn all follicles for the same reason.  He is not a wanted man and has no criminal record, but his years of observation have made him leery of falling under the suspicion of any government or political/ military entity.   He is not a saboteur; his personal conviction will not allow him to act independently against any body, though he will join a cause when he feels compelled to do so.  At the time Seethe, Gills and Jeph join Nathaniel; the Traveler is working as Nathaniel’s engineer, one of only three other men traveling with the great pirate captain.  The Traveler takes an interest in the feisty young Syk’a rii, marveling at his intelligence and internal fire.  The two will frequently cross paths over the years; Seethe is one of a select few who actually know anything about The Traveler.  Most see him as a wandering engineer who bounces from ship to ship; not very noticeable, not a great engineer, but efficient enough.  His engineering duties are always slack because of his dogged determination to chronicle every bit of information he can. 

From the age of five, Myr Diin Bhuzan was trained to be an engineer by his father, an independent spacer. The family had a residence on a small space station near Bacchus.  Bye the time he was twelve years old he had been working as an engineer for several years; one day he traveled with his father transporting a crew of Guild Scientists to an archeological site on an uninhabited world.  What they discovered would pattern the young man’s life ‘til the end of his days.  The scientists uncovered a vast storehouse of data, a small facility, but a massive find.  It was an Ancient’s research facility, where genetic experiments had been conducted.  All the data from those experiments was there along with other information on the Ancients, their aims and activities.  The amount of data was so vast that they needed to store some of it on the ship’s computers to be able to get it back to their school.  Curious, Myr Diin began to read some of the data on the way back.  Realizing that the data had been accessed, the scientists gave the order to have both the ship and the boy eliminated to prevent the information from falling into the wrong hands.  A few days after returning to the station Myr Diin was supposed to be cleaning the ship alone when it suddenly exploded in its dock.  But the boy was not there; he had stashed himself in a near by corridor where he was continuing to read through the data he had copied from the ship’s computer before the scientists deleted it.  His father, after receiving an excessively large transfer payment from the guild school the same day, realized that this was compensation for the loss of his ship and his son.  To protect the boy he knew was still alive, he sent him off on another ship working as an engineer under an assumed name.  As far as history knows Myr Diin Bhuzan is no more and so begins his life as an unassuming mystery man, hiding in plain sight from people he isn’t sure knows he still exists. 

One of the few people in the galaxy who knows anything about the Ancients, The Traveler has pieced together bits of information leading to great revelations about the history of the galaxy.  He shares some of this information with Seethe, who in turn passes it on to Massey.  Massey and the Traveler never meet, though they share a lot through Seethe; occasionally they are sitting in the same room, but neither man ever knows who the other is.  About ten years younger than Nathanial, The Traveler lives a very long life, eventually becoming an almost mythical figure as spacers swap stories about how they once sat and talked to the great Traveler on a ship from hither to dither.  He is not a man of tremendous intelligence, but a man of great perspective and unique insight into the nature of men and the natural ways of life across the galaxy.  “While we hail from planets near and far and our DNA varies like the stars that spawned us, at our very core we are all the same.  We, sentient beings, wandering the worlds in search of something we cannot understand.”



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