Siam Seethe

Burn slow... think fast!


One of the galaxy's greatest warriors, Seethe is usually reluctant to fight, but takes great pleasure in defeating his enemies; preferring to attempt to outsmart them before engaging in direct conflict. His combat reputation is near mythical; as his exploits are told and retold by spacers of all sort across the galaxy. A terribly private man, Seethe doesn't brag of his deeds, deferring to his friends and companions to tell the tales; and many of them love to do so. Over the course of his life, he goes from being an orphaned street urchin on the planet Bacchus, to pirate, to hero and then to scholar; deposing despots and crime lords on planets in more systems than most people can name. While a loaner by nature he can usually be found in one of the many mead halls across the galaxy frequented by spacers.

His temper, like his name, is a slow burn, he doesn’t explode; he slowly prepares, and conquers challenges.  Defeating his adversaries with preparation and cunning.  Brilliant in strategy and deceptive in execution Seethe would never fail from lack preparation.  One of the keenest minds in the galaxy, the bringer of freedom and justice to millions wasn’t always a hero.  His life began on the streets of Nysus, the son of Sahree and his wife By’el Seethe a meager Syk’a rii couple eking out a living in the casinos of the largest city on Bacchus, a place of lawlessness and temptations of all kinds, from gambling and prostitution to drugs and pirates, Nysus is no place for a child. Especially not a child as spoiled and undisciplined as Siam Seethe. In his early years, the Syk’a rii boy made his parents crazy with his wild demands and frequent tantrums. Refusing to wear shoes (a habit he would carry through to adulthood,) climbing around their tiny flat like a wild monkey.  Hanging from the light fixtures by his oddly long and ringed tail. 

Always curious and inquisitive the young Seethe would disassemble all manner of devices in the house, and where ever he found them around the neighborhood.  One day the boy stole a new communicator from the tech store down the street and was busily taking it apart in an alley when he saw a pair of men in police uniforms going into the building.  Guessing they were there for him, the boy ran off to hide; hours later, he returned to find his usually reclusive and unfriendly neighbors gathered at his door.  Again, afraid he had caused more trouble than he previously suspected Seethe ran off.  He spent the night with a friend, a younger boy named Nuex who lived several blocks away.  The next morning Seethe went home one more time, the hallway was back to its normal quiet.  Opening the door to the family flat, the boy was stunned, his tail fell to the floor.  Standing there mouth agape, his eyes darting from corner to corner, the room was completely empty.    Every bit of furniture, every picture, every little trinket, gone.  He ran into the kitchen and found the same, not even a stray spoon remained, his parents room… nothing, his room… nothing.  No clothes, no toys, no blankets and no food.  Seethe was horrified.  Heading back to the door he found a neighbor standing there, the only other adult in the building he really knew.  Before Seethe could say a word the man gave him the answer he was looking for, “They didn’t leave you boy, they’re dead.  A couple men came in yesterday, don’t know why, but they made a lot of noise and left real fast.”  Seethe fell to his knees in tears, convinced this was his fault as the man continued, “It was these scavengers round here that took all yer stuff, as soon as they found out yer folks were dead they came in and picked the place clean.  The real cops came early this morning and took out the bodies, they should be back soon enough to get you too.”  Without pausing to think about what that might mean, Seethe darted past the man, nearly knocking him over and jetted down the hall, down the stairs and out into the alley.  Up until then, his life had been tumultuous, but relatively comfortable, now like so many others his age Siam Seethe was a child of the streets. 

Teaming up with a band of local orphans, living on the streets and stealing for a living; picking pockets, stealing luggage, robbing hotel rooms, pan handling and just about any other way a small child can make a quick buck.  He could frequently be found running barefoot through the streets and swinging by his tail from light post and balconies across the city of Nysus.  At the age of eleven and after several run ins with the law, Seethe was finally caught without enough money to bribe his way out of trouble, he was turned over to a pirate known as Be’yoh Sebaka; the police had no interest in housing children in their work camps and Seethe was still quite small at this age. 
            Seethe tells Sebaka of his friends; a pair of Apsu boys, Gills and his brother Jeph, a fellow Syk’a rii named Rhr’ek and Nuex, a Apsu-Yeti half breed whose human mother frequently fed the raged bunch.  Nuex would not join them on their initial adventures, but he too would be off to the stars, just a few years later when his mother could no longer control, or feed him.  Sebaka was all too eager to take the wayward boys onboard his ship and introduce them to life in the stars.  Aboard the ship Seethe was mentored by Yochanan, a chief lieutenant of the captain who took the eager young man under his wing and helped him adjust to life in the stars.  While Seethe had no qualms about crime, having been a thief for many years at this point, he had never taken a life.  When the time came and he was pushed by his pirate cohorts to kill, he balked.  But the issue was pushed, and Seethe was forced to kill or be killed, and the deed was done.

Orphaned at 8, and a pirate by 12, Seethe was still a curious and brilliant young man, so it didn’t take long for Seethe to become bored with the life of a pirate, but his options in life at that moment were limited.  Most civilized worlds don’t welcome pirates, and most other settlements are so corrupt or crime ridden that they held no allure to him.  He had however developed a strong bond with his captain Be’yoh Sebaka; or Nathanial as he prefered the young Syk’aran address him in private council.  But Sebaka was increasingly absent from the ship, making occasional secret jaunts off on his own, leaving the ship in the hands of a lieutenant, an Apsu named Jeph Vilhad. 


            During a mission on the planet Pyrah, after sacking a warehouse belonging to a Cipa’ci named Colibre, Gills who he’d known since childhood, and clashed with for just as long, attacked him from behind and left him to take the wrap, and deal with the local authorities.  Vilhad had made the call, but Gills was all too eager to comply, at this point Gills was a full grown Apsu man, and Seethe was still a five and a half meter tall Syk’a rii.  Seethe and his budding conscious was becoming a problem, so he was left behind to take the fall.  With blood on his hands, Siam Seethe was no better than the pirates he has called his friends, but he was now alone on a strange planet, left once again to fend for himself.

           Watching his cohorts lift off Seethe found himself surrounded by a trio of Pyranese guards who take out their anger on the small Syk’aran, nearly beating him to death.  Leaving him unconscious to deal with later as they ran off to cover up the damage left by the pirates before their Cipa’ci masters figure out what had happened.  Laying in the dirt, bloodied and beaten Seethe opened his eyes to find another Syk’a rii face kneeling over him, without hesitation, he kicked the man away.  “Geez kid, I was trying to help you.  We better get outta here before the guards come back.”  Injured and confused, Seethe took the offer, figuring it couldn’t be worse than what the guards just did to him.  The Syk’a rii man, Pah Typhar, a lifelong spacer was able  arrange transport off the planet, and out of the reach of Colibre.  He would spend the next five years traveling with Typhar and learning about the galaxy and the history of the Syk’a rii people.  Having not been taught much about his people as a young boy, Seethe was an eager and bright learner who became an avid student of the Spacer.  They spend much of their time together at a monastery on the planet, Esagila where Seethe underwent intense training in discipline and Ria’jha a Syk’a rii martial art.  During this time, he also began to learn to pilot a spaceship, though he would never become comfortable at the helm. Using skills learned on the streets of Nysus, the ferocity of the pirates and knowledge of a scholar to outwit his opponents, Seethe grew into a formidable warrior. 


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