Invisibility Device

Designed by the Ancients, this device broadcasts a signal that confuses the senses of anyone within 150meters of the wearer who is concealed within a 3m ring of sensory fog; the device prevents others from sensing them in anyway; he cannot be seen, smelled, heard or even felt by touch.  For anyone reaching into the 3m fog the device produces a sense of dread or confusion, even pain; each person perceives the experience differently, usually driving away anyone curious.  Electronic devices are also affected by the device, so neither optics, microphones nor even heat sensors can detect the wearer. Beyond the range of the broadcast, the wearer can be seen, though not heard (sound cannot escape the fog,) but moving closer to investigate brings one into the reach of the device and makes the wearer disappear.  Shining a light on the wearer from beyond 150m will actually compound the devices effects, as the broadcast signal can ride the light back to its source.  If the wearer has arms longer than the 3m diameter of the fog, or carries an object that extends beyond those dimensions, those parts extending beyond the fog may be perceived if only as a blur or flash of movement to anyone near by.
            The wearer is effected by the device as well, the vision is blurred, hearing muted and the sense of touch is numbed.  Prolonged use of the device can render one deaf, blind and mute, and possibly even insane if one is prone to mental trouble.  The only instances of the device in existence were all built by one man.  A mysterious individual known mythically as The Traveler; he discovered specs for the device within a collection of data procured from an Ancient’s data storage facility when he was a boy.  He uses the devices to conceal himself during his travels across the galaxy, when he isn’t operating under one of many aliases.  He has built several of the devices over the years, as previous attempts fail or he simply leaves one on a ship upon which he was serving.  The older devices move about in the hands of various un-sundry types who usually find themselves in great danger when it inevitably fails.  The Traveler has never truly perfected the device or found a suitable power source that can maintain the immense amount of output it creates over an extended period of time.  Unbeknownst to The Traveler, his device specs are incomplete.  The original device, as designed by the Ancients, was paired with a special helmet that protected the user from the effects of the device. 


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