Scrum, a high collision sport where a team of 13 players attempts to move a small spheroid across the opposing team’s goal line.  There are 110 meters from goal line to goal line, the goal is 15 meters deep, the field is 50meters wide. The ball, or pill as its called, is 24X15CM; and is usually yellow or white in color with dark contrasting stripes (the pattern varies by league, and competition level.)  Players wear hard plastic helmets, shoulder and body padding and knee length padded pants.  The jerseys have sleeves that extend to either the elbow or fore arm.   The sleeves are usually decorated with various stripes in team colors, and the over the knee socks match the sleeves.  The shoes are usually high top spikes covering the players lower ankle joint. 

Born during a period of brutal wars and tribal conflict on Artio, Scrum slowly evolved as a safer way for tribes, and nations to settle disputes.  One groups best warriors against the others.  The Arthyeir were eventually able to eliminate war, save for rogue dictators and zealous sects of the various religions practiced on Artio.  When the Ancients landed the Premiere league was holding their ultimate tournament; a decadal event pitting the best teams from leagues planet wide.  The visitors loved the game, and carried it with them to other worlds, spreading it across the galaxy. 
The modern game is played in The Pitt, the common sports facility found across the galaxy. On Artio scrum is outdoor game, but everywhere else it is played between the walls of The Pitt.   The basic rules are the same, move the ball across the other teams goal line.  Running the ball is universal, but on some worlds, throwing the ball forward is allowed, and on others they allow kicking the ball from one player to another.  The star position on just about any team is the defensive position known as the “clubber.”   The player has his off hand wrapped in a padded glove forming it into a club he uses to ward off blockers and strike at ball carriers.  Opposite the clubber is the offensive team leader, known as the “paragon.”  This is the player responsible for guiding the offense down the field.  Each play begins with him possessing the ball, it is up to the paragon or PG to decide who should be chosen to move the ball forward.  Other positions vary depending on local rules. 



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