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Founded as a division of the Co’ir Transport company to train new pilots, technicians and engineers, the Science Guild  would eventually become a free standing entity with a contract to train students for Co’ir, the Learned Society, and any private individual whose family could afford the tuition.  The guild also serves as a labor union, negotiating contracts for engineers and technicians working for Co’ir and other large companies.  The independent spacers aren’t expected to pay the same wages as the corporations, but they provide more freedom of movement.  Most doctors, engineers and other scientists learn through a basic apprenticeship program, arranged by the individuals. But those that choose to join the SG go through five years of intensive study and another five years of mandatory, low wage work for Co’ir before they are free to sell their talents where ever they choose; they are only required to join the union if they go to work for Co’ir.  For those that do go to work for Co’ir, the training is free, in exchange for the five years of service.  Most Guild schools share a campus with the schools of the Learned Society.

The Science Guild

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