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An ancient race of large simian beings who long ago mastered space travel, The Yeti had been visiting other planets across the galaxy since long before the Ancients arrived and spread technology throughout.  They are thought to be extremely wise and knowledgeable about the history of many worlds; having visited worlds and monitored development across the galaxy.   Highly reclusive, they never made their presence known before the galaxy was integrated, and will hardly ever be seen in the galaxies dense cities or space stations, post integration.  They are more likely to be found living in forests and high mountains of sparsely populated worlds.  They eschew confrontation, or contact of any kind with other species.  While they long ago mastered technology, they are rarely seen in possession of anything more advanced than a walking stick.  If they are still in the habit of using technology of any kind, few are aware of its existence; despite their presence on worlds across the galaxy some judge them primitive, unaware of their true history. 
            Over a millennia prior to the coming of the Ancients, the Yeti were the most advanced race in the galaxy.  Curious explorers by nature, they would venture from world to world, living in the wilderness and observing the native cultures, flora and fauna in secret.  Their highly advanced ships and technology hidden from sight they would meticulously document the history and biology of a thousand worlds.  Some of the more responsive, less xenophobic races would come to know the Yeti as peaceful neighbors, never knowing that they were from another world.  With a presence on every habitable world in the galaxy, no one really knows where the Yeti originated.  Their home planet is actually a moon, that orbits one of the largest planets in the galaxy.  Having developed in the perspective of a small moon orbiting a gas giant, they are humble by nature.  Hailing from one of only two bodies capable of supporting life in their solar system, they venture out in search of other life.  After an encounter with a hostile culture traveling between solar systems, they began to avoid direct contact as often as possible.  Being content with observing from a distance they would chronicle histories across the galaxy.