A reptilian species of average Apsoid dimensions from the planet Tuatara.  Their skin is thick, rough to the touch and varies in color from dark green to a pale greenish yellow.  From the early days of discovery on Tuatara, they have been fascinated with the Mountain of the Stars on the near by planet of Tchefuncte, a place they called Lahn’tohl.  When they encountered the Ancients, their first request was to be taken to see the mountain.  While the Ancients would never let any race of beings board their magnificent vessels, they would teach peoples across the galaxy how to build ships of their own; from locating the materials needed, to manufacturing those materials and finally building ships that could do the job. 


The Tuatarans were barely more than a bronze age society when the Ancients arrived on their world. Some tribes had begun to make use of wheels and rudimentary mechanics; however the society was mostly dominated by war lords, hereditary chieftains and mystics who manipulated the people with superstition. But in a quick 20 years these same people had galactic age technology, and began building vast cities of steel and glass.  Blending their own ancient techniques with the new technology, the Tuatarans created a beautiful green glass that they used to face their buildings, blending the cities with the surrounding jungles and forests.  From above the cites sparkle like large emeralds in tall grass.
Despite the beauty of their cities, and the high level of technology, the Tuatarans haven’t advanced much as a society.  Their lack of widespread education, and general culture of aggression and boorish behavior combine to create a society of superstitious, violent brutes with enough technology, and understanding to be dangerous to one another and anyone with the misfortune of crossing one of them.
            A soon as they had the capability to do so, the Tuatarans sent explorers to Tchefuncte to visit the Mountain of the Stars, but the Apsu that settled on the planet calling themselves Functites, refused them access to the mountain.  Before departing the galaxy, the Ancients left among the Tuatarans tales of an ancient, extinct Reptilian race on Tchefuncte that built a magnificent temple in the mountain’s side.  Increasing their eagerness of the Tuatarans to explore the mountain leading eventually to their invasion of Tchefuncte.



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