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The second oldest race in the galaxy, only the Yeti are older, the Ravus are scientifically advanced, but had not developed the ability travel from their home world Ravu, before the arrival of the Ancients.  They had been in contact with the Prisca, and there were Ravus living among the Prisca before the Ancients came; they had been carried back to Prisca by Priscan traders.  They are small, slight people, gray in skin tone with large dark almond shaped eyes.  They value science above all, and go to great lengths to learn all that they can, the Learned Society was founded bye Ravus scholars seeking more on the Ancients.  They serve as teachers across the galaxy, and are sought bye rulers, and corporations as advisors on a myriad of subjects.  Many of the advances in technology since the departure of the Ancients can be attributed to the diligent work of Ravus researchers, engineers and doctors.  Though widely considered a brilliant people, many of them lack practicality; they have no music or art to speak of, and their architecture while highly efficient in design is dull and lack aesthetic quality.  Most of their homes and buildings are simple squares and rectangles, never more than thirteen stories high, for maximum efficiency.  While not as superstitious as most cultures, they do have an odd fascination with the number 13, they have no particular religion, their food is a simple grain based mush and their clothes are simple gray uni-suits hardly distinguishable from their skin.  There are of course exceptions, with exposure to other cultures, some Ravus have adopted new ways and stray from the basic lives of their people. 

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