The most advanced people in the galaxy, the Priscan people were well into space exploration when the Ancients arrived.  They had not yet made contact with many other races, but were aware of the Cipa’ci and the Yeti and were trading with Apsu they encountered in space.  From the planet Prisca they are Apsu like in appearance and get along best with Apsu.  Dark brown to absolute black in complexion Priscan eyes are large, and bright yellow in color, their other physical differences from Apsu are internal, save for the hardly noticeable nostrils on the upper neck behind their ears.  Hailing from the same system, they had approached the Cipa’ci in their early explorations but were rejected by the terribly xenophobic birds, who still do not let other races onto their home world save for trade and commerce, (drop off your goods, get your money and leave).  Prisca is slightly closer to their sun than Cipa’nid, her orbit is only a few weeks ahead of Cipa’nid, creating an odd follow the leader orbital pattern.  Plentiful in flora and fauna, and typical of life supporting worlds in topography with extensive mountains, forests, oceans, deserts, rivers and grassy plains, but slightly warmer than her neighbor. 

The Prisca are a culturally rich and diverse people.  They are staunchly devoted to education; they strongly believe that only a fully educated people will be self sustaining.  The Priscan government is virtually non existent; there are courts, laws and law enforcement, but the people lead lives of raw freedom.  Seen as barbaric by some other societies, the Priscans have little regard for failures within their society.  It is expected that all citizens take care of themselves or be taken care of by their families, however the ill and indigent are well taken care of.  Such care is provided by familes and freinds, and enforced by law. (an indigent relative MUST be cared for, failure to do so is punishible by fine and or imprisonment.) All space travel, transportation and shipping from Prisca is handled by private, terrestrial companies.  The government is not involved at all.  This was the case during the days of their early exploration and has continued through their history. 

The Prisca had just as much contact with the Ancients as the other native species of the galaxy, however, they generaly rejected much of what the Ancients taught in the way of social organization. Like their neighbors on Cipa'nid they learned the new galactic tounge, but they managed to hold on to their own ancient languages. Many other societies can not say the same.


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