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An aquatic species native to the moonless water planet of Ea’h, whose surface is 93% covered by a relatively shallow ocean.  The Oannes are unlisted in the Galactic Record, and unknown even to most spacers. Their planey is only of interest to traders looking to harvest their vast fish population.

Ea'h is a small blue planet with few visible features; there are no mountains on Ea’h just the occasional flat islands covered with stunted plants and insects.  The only major air breathing species on the planet are small gliders, not quite birds; they are feathered mammals that ride on the violent winds that constantly rush across the planets surface.  The gliders feed on the massive abundance of fishes that fill the vast planetary ocean; these fishes are what brings the ships of Crimson Quill to Ea’h; harvesting fish to be brought back to Cipa’nid to feed the fish hungry Cipa’ci population.  But the gliders aren’t the only creatures sustaining themselves on fish.  There is a large population of sub aquatic sentient beings living below the waves of Ea’h, they are the Oannes; with webbed feet and hands, scaly skin and gills.  The Oannes maintain vast under sea cities and smaller settlements across the sea floor.  The Ancients never engaged the Oannes, as they never sought out peoples not living on a planets surface.  
            Unlike nearly every other sentient species in the galaxy, the Oannes societies went unaffected by the Ancients assistance and interventions.  Possessing no space capable technology, they don’t even venture onto the few land masses beyond their seas.  Until the great fishing vessels began to arrive on their oceans, they were totally unaware of the existence of life beyond the oceans.  Even the gliders native to their planet were a mere myth to most Oannes, since they never as much as approached the waters surface where they might see them.  But everything would change when they encountered the Cipa’ci
            The vast schools of fish that sustained their societies for throughout their history began to go missing.  Entire regions went bare of fish in sudden, unexplained disappearances; while investigating the missing fish, the Oannes discovered the massive “temples” they found at the waters surface gathering fish by the thousands.  Returning to their cities, the word spreads quickly and an army returns to expel the “temple” on the waters surface igniting a battle that neither side was prepared for.