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An Apsoid, insect hybrid species from the planet of the same name, the Koly’ma are a primitive, un-advanced people with a reputation for insatiable appetites.  They are said to have no qualms about eating sentient beings, a practice frowned upon bye most other races.  Being sent to Koly’ma is an official form of execution on multiple worlds; as well as among pirates, gangsters and other assorted scoundrels.  From a distance, the Koly’ma appear to be Apsu, but their joints are protected bye a dense exoskeleton, they have the multi-lens eyes of many insects and their mouths open astonishingly wide to reveal multiple rows of teeth and mandibles strong enough to crush bone.  Some Koly’ma children are born with vestigial wings, which are never strong enough to induce flight; they usually fall off before adulthood.  With no true culture or civilization to speak off, the Koly’ma live in packs of up to 50 people, and live in rudimentary nest like huts made of materials from the surrounding environment.  They do not speak the galactic tongue, and most experts on such things, doubt they would be capable of learning the common language; as anyone who has come in contact with the Koly’ma is usually quickly eaten at worst, or beaten to near death at best; to be eaten later.