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Inhabitants of the planet Tchefuncte, the Functites are boisterous lot, late arrivals into the galaxy, they wandered from planet to planet in search of a new home before settling on Tchefuncte.  Their first stop was Bacchus, but they arrived after much of the best land on the planet was spoken for.  But they stayed their long enough to absorb the culture; the food, the music and the gambling.  Much of which they carried with them to their new world, where they added to their diet with new local spices.  Originally moving in a fleet of 42 ships the group split up and bounced from planet to planet, station to station looking for a new home, before being informed that the Ancients were recruiting settlers on a planet called Tchefuncte to work on a complex to be built into the largest mountain in the galaxy.  When the first of the settlers arrived they absorbed the small contingent of Apsu already working there.  The planets natives had left behind ruined cites in ideal locations all around the mountain so the Apsu built their cities among those ruins. 

The fishing industry quickly became the largest export for the young society as the first city, Asoltico was built on the natural bay at the eastern foot of the mountain facing the ocean. In a few short months the remainder of their fleet began to arrive from scouting other worlds, and 3 other cites were founded.  Quauh’falia, south of the mountain lies along the banks of the Azure river that pours from the falls in the side of the mountain.  West of Quauh’falia is the forest city of Chilti’hulotl; where the trees are so large the people carved their homes and roads into and through them.  

Invisible from just above the forest canopy, Chilti as its usually called, was intended as a logging colony, but the people took so readily to the new environment that cutting down trees became sacrosanct.  Instead they make paper and other smaller wooden objects for export, as well as raising clams and muscles in the caverns of the mountain and distilling whisky; made from the pure mountain water and aged in those same caverns.  Many of the early settlers moved west where they founded new settlements, the homes they left behind were converted to hotels, and rental cabins for tourists.  One of those new towns serves almost exclusively as a port for Chilti which is only accessible by ground transport.  The forest canopy is so dense that no craft can actually land there.  The original settlers arrived this way from the east.  A rail line runs between the cities facilitating trade and tourism. 

There are other scattered settlements across the planet, but no one lives on the mountain.  To the west of the Mountain is a spattering of desert communities where the people grow a collection of exquisite spices that flourish in the arid environment.  Beyond there, is wasteland, thousands of miles of dessert, blocked off from the sea by the mountain, there is no rain.