During the first wave of Apsu into the galaxy, a fleet of a dozen ships settled in the Ahlamah system where a people known as the Sagol used to lived.  Their home planet, Sagola was in the early years of an ice age.  Many of their people had moved to another world in the system , a planet the Sagol called Condura.  They had been building temples and a new city, when a plague, born on Condura, began to spread among the Sagol.   Within a few years their numbers, once in the billions had dwindled to a few thousand.  They could not live on Condura, and their home world was mostly frozen over.  The Sagol would in time disappear into the Bythos, only occasionally being seen here and there.  When the Apsu arrived there were only a few Sagol scientists still remaining on Condura, they were in bio hazard suits desperately trying to find a cure to the virus that was wiping their species out.  Originally no different from other Apsu, the women would come to dominate on Condura, creating a totally matriarchal society.  Females of other species occasionally come to live among them.  The men of Condura are kept in deep seclusion.  They are not allowed in public unescorted.    When they do go out, they wear bright yellow robes that cover them from head to  toe.  The larger, stronger men are used as physical labor, not owned as slaves by individuals, but wards of the state, leased out to be used as needed.  Some men are kept strictly for breeding and/ or objects of pleasure; when their usefulness expires, so do their lives. Conduran women are excessively vicious towards men of all species and rarely leave their home world to avoid unpleasant encounters with them.  There are varying degrees to how some women treat the males in their  households; i.e. if a woman has a son, she has the option of keeping him in the family. The women are not all lesbians and many do take husbands through a formal process where the men are paraded into a ball room situation and chosen by the women.  Outside of their treatment of men, life on Condura is no different than any other Apsu world, they have varied religious sects, cultures and ways of life across the planet.  They do engage in trade with other worlds, companies, and organizations; though they always insist that representatives of those other groups must be female.

The change was not progressive, it was sudden after a massive increase in rapes, murders and sexual assaults that coincided with a drug epidemic.  A new leader was elected to solve the problem.  The poster boy for the problem was a Conduran spacer named Jeph In’Khadhu, born and raised on Condura he was a non-drug addicted psychopath who had been discovered to have raped and murdered women across the galaxy.  After being captured by the ancients, he was returned to Condura, where he was suspected of at least 30 murders for prosecution.  Promising to save the women of Condura from In’Khadhu and others like him, a woman named Lillith Doh'rah was swept into office in a landslide election.  Almost over night she began reign in the rights and freedoms of men, and by the time she left office 15 years later the men of Condura were full fledged wards of the state with no rights, and no room for error.

The Malorian Revolution

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