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When the Ancients left the galaxy, the Cipa’ci were its most active spacers. Traders from Cipa'nid were spread over every corner of the civilized galaxy; under the auspices of the joint company known as Crimson Quill. In most places their presence is hardly noticeable. But the clever traders make deals and alliances that greatly enrich their home world. Over time small colonies of Cipa'ci develop on worlds like Pyrah where the local Apsu are all too eager to deal with the birdmen. Many of Pyrah's Apsu population even convert to the Cipa'ci religion, Phoenecia. Dozens of worlds have become home to small colonies of Cipa'ci as they begin to struggle to maintain their economic empire. Having never had a military presence on these worlds, when political unrest arises, alien races are usually the first to be cast out. But men like Colibre, born far away from Cipa'nid yearn to bring their people to what they see as their rightful place in the galaxy. They see races like the Apsu and Syk'a rii as ponds, to be manipulated and maneuvered to the benefit of the sons of Cipa'nid. 

The other indigenous races of the galaxy were quick to learn to distrust the Cipa'ci after the Ancients were gone. But the Apsu see this as a kind of kinship, as a people also unwanted among the natives of the galaxy. But the Cipa'ci rarely see the Apsu as their equals, though they will partner with them when it is to the benefit of the birdmen. When Colibre begins to take control of Crimson Quill, from his base on Pyrah, many of his fellow Cipa’ci welcome him as a great leader who can bring the Cipa'ci people to greatness, even though none of them is given much credence on Cipa'nid. The Kings of Cipa'nid see the Voulu caste as mere middle management whose only duty is to bring wealth back to their betters, the Majesteux on Cipa'nid. Lacking the vision and aggression of men like Colibre, the Majesteux are comfortable in their palaces on Cipa'nid while Colibre and his ilk eek out a living among the "filthy apes" the Apsu and the Syk'a rii. Colibre knows he can never hold power on Cipa’nid and he really has no interest in having it, he can have far more power on other worlds. It is his first visit to Cipa'nid that convinces Colibre that he must make his way among the "filthy apes" if he is ever to be regarded as the great man he believes himself to be. (This will continue to be a problem among Cipa'ci who are raised away from Cipa'nid. Their arrogance knows no bounds and their ambition is even greater.)

The Cipa’ci Caste System

The Majesteux Caste: The ruling caste of Cipa’nid noted for their bright red feathers.  While few in numbers, they have ruled the 50 nations of Cipa’nid for millennia.  While interbreeding is strongly frowned upon between the castes, many Majesteux are not of pure blood, some hatchlings are born with the wrong color feathers, these children are often left in orphanages to live among their own kind, or depending on the parents desires, sent off to other worlds to be raised out of site, but with the same sense of privilege, though they are bared from ever returning to Cipa’nid.

The Voulu Caste: They are wealthy and educated, their feathers are blue or yellow, sometimes green.  Green feathers are very rare.  They control business, and maintain order.  They are politicians, diplomats, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats.  The true power of the Cipa’ci people, the Voulu maintain order through brutal ridgity, it was the Voulu who developed the early caste systems across the planet.  They united Cipa’nid to one world government, yet always maintaining the Majesteux as figurehead leaders.  The planet is still divided into a multitude of smaller nations, city states and fiefdoms, but they are all united under a single governing council where Majesteux rulers allow their Voulu advisors to make the real decisions.

The Admis Caste:  their feathers are shades of orange, teal and other lighter shades of blue; they get the plum service jobs, working in factories, police officers, soldiers, doctors, farmers and low level bureaucrats.  While they frequently are able to make their way off world, they can never ascend beyond mere staff level positions.  As a result the Admis can be the most vicious Cipa’ci when it comes to dealing with Apsu, Syk’a rii and other species, as they take out their bitterness on anyone unluckily enough to be in their charge.

The Boux’ye Caste: considered the lowest of the low, their feathers are purple, burgundy, maroon and other darker shades of blue, and occasionally one might find brown or tan feathers.  They are not allowed to hold any position of prominence; they are custodians, nest cleaners, chimney sweeps.  Their numbers are kept artificially low, bye exporting their young to other worlds to serve as menial labor on places like Hister, and other uncivilized worlds.  Families with more than two children frequently have their eggs confiscated bye the authorities.