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At the far edge of the galaxy lies a massive asteroid belt, with bits as large as small planets or large moons.  Most in the known galaxy assume that to be the end of life in their region of space.  But they are sadly mistaken; for beyond the galaxies edge, in space where only pirates dare travel, are a plethora of beings of all shapes and sizes.  Aside from a few sparse Apsu and Syk’a ran colonies there are very active space travelers; 


The Rerek: an aggressive imperial people from the planet Nh’graz, constantly on the hunt for new territory.  They are a serpentine species whose evolution made a huge leap when they developed upper extremities.  Like most snakes they lack eye lids and visible ears, but they have hands and arms that allow them to manipulate tools and develop their societies.  Rerek mythology tells of a great dragon ancestor called, Nh’gra for whom their world is named, Nh’gra who flew about mating with females all over creating offspring with the upper extremities, but lacking the ability to fly. Those rudimentary wings became arms, and solidified the difference between the Rerek and the lesser Serpents.  Much of their early history was spent on an obsessive quest to regain that ability to fly.  Their rise to the stars was far more rapid than any other species due in large part to this singular devotion.  Once they had achieved mechanical flight, they sought more speed, and increased distance.  It was mere happenstance when an experimental flight broke from the planets thick atmosphere, but once it was done, and the notion of traveling beyond Nh’graz was born, the quest to conquer the stars would become their new obsession, and drives them to this day.  Their ascendency to the stars was driven by a desire to be like Nh’gra, their conquest of all they can acquire is to honor his name.


The Chikoti: an Apsoid race of traders native to their home planet of Talli from which they trade with many worlds in near by systems.  Their appearance is very similar to the Apsu, save for a lighter skin pigment and naturally lighter hair.  Internally they are very different, the Chikoti possessing a very different assortment and arrangement of internal organs.   Talli is the source of one of the most powerful narcotics in the known galaxy, soma.  Derived from the mature roots of a humble flowering plant.  On Talli soma in its natural form is a mild stimulant, whose continued can make one stronger and more viral.  It is usually taken in the form of a tea drank only once a day.  But in the hands of an Apsu captain on a mission from the Co’ir company, soma is made into a trans-galactic cash crop.  But there were problems; one, needing a fully matured root meant a long growing cycle, and second the soma would loose its potency during long space voyages.  (this was never a problem on Talli as soma was generally harvested and consumed within a few weeks) Unable to meet his intentions the captain orders the development of a synthetic version of the substance, which would have a longer shelf life, be easier to produce and provide more of a kick.  In its natural form, soma had a stronger effect on the Apsu than on the native Chikoti, but for Captain Te’oma Velve, who began injecting pure soma, directly into his veins, it drove him absolutely mad.  To the point where he and his equally effected crewman and a collection Chikoti sympathizers took over a small region of the planet from where they began to develop and export their product bringing chaos everywhere soma could be delivered.


 The Reginn: Another Apsoid like race, of diminutive people from the planet Eris.  Considered incredibly handsome by most visitors to their world, the Reginn are a highly advance people, with magnificent cities and opulent palaces for their leaders.  Oddly, even before their first encounter with off worlders the Reginn who never exceed 5’3 in height built their homes and business to accommodate much larger people.  Their masterful archeology is only matched by a cultural craving for wisdom and understanding.  They generally lack the yearning for adventure that drives most other peoples.  They have only orbital space craft, and show little interest in trans-galactic travel.  Their only major journey beyond their own system was halted by an encounter with the Rerek who threatened to enslave Eris.  But the Reginn were able to fend off the invasion with only a small Rerek expeditionary force landing on the planets surface.  Though the Reginn are not a warlike people they are quite capable of defending themselves.  They were sadly, less capable of warding off the invasion of Soma to Eris.  The stimulating qualities of the substance made it quite popular among intellectuals who used it to fuel their studies, but quickly ravaged their minds. 

Beyond the Galaxies Edge