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Among the first Apsu to arrive in the galaxy, the Bacchans discovered an uninhabited planet with a rich environment and a mild climate.  But the planet was in a system of consistent chaos.  The system the Apsu named Hellas, is binary, the two suns are orbited by fourteen planets, eight of which can support life most of the time.  But two of the planets, closer to the sun have a dangerous relationship. One planet, Yort has a wandering orbit, that every so many years causes it to come perilously close to its neighbor Metis, which sets off a torrent of volcanic and tectonic activity.  When they get too close to one another debris from the 2 bodies is sent scattering out at the other planets.  There are remnants across the system of a previous society, artifacts, buried ruins, but no one knows who the original inhabitants were, or where they went. 

            The Apsu named their new home Bacchus for the miles and miles of grapes growing wild in the original settlement.  The settlers instantly began making wine, which would eventually became their greatest export.  As more Apsu came into the system, and into the galaxy in general, the wine from Bacchus became a premium luxury item. The original settlement was a town called Nysus, the original settlers numbered no more than 15,000; but by the time the Ancients left the galaxy, Nysus had grown to be the largest Apsu city in galaxy.  The Bacchan people, whose culture developed around the local wineries are adventurous risk takers.  Anyone is welcome in Nysus, the first fully open port in the galaxy.  The streets are filled with aliens of all sort, some of which you can find nowhere else in the known galaxy.  The Nysus night life is a daily walk along the thin line between revelry and absolute decadence.  Gambling, intoxication, prostitution, and any other vice a person might desire is there to be had in Nysus.  The hotels sparkle with tantalizing lights, the air is filled with a mix of fresh sick, and the most alluring foods aromas one can imagine.  Cooks are imported from every culture with a good pallet, as are their special ingredients.  One could wander Nysus for months sampling the food, and never have the same thing twice.
            As is always the case, with vice, comes crime, and the bosses who control it.  It wasn’t long into the development of an intergalactic atmosphere in Nysus that the city became entangled in absolute corruption.  Like the grapevines that fill the valleys across the planet the crime lords of Nysus also stretch planet wide.  Spacers arrive with six months of pay and leave penniless.  The streets are sparsely peppered with abandoned children, their parents; addicts, gamblers or dead.  The local law enforcement is nearly invisible after sundown, during the day, the streets are clean and appear to be in order.  But when the suns go down chaos rises with the moons.  Like the ebb and flow on an ocean shore, chaos and calm come and go with the light in Nysus.  But corruption is round the clock; politicians and police are as easily bought as dinners and prostitutes. 

            Beyond the city, there is only one on Bacchus, are the vast vineyards and assorted other farms that encircle the globe.  But every inch of farmland is controlled by one boss or another.  The families that started them have long since been forced out, or simply succumb to the pressure and pay their share as demanded.  Trade is also controlled by the bosses, not a single grape leaves Nysus without one of the bosses getting a taste.