A race of ursidae; descended from bears and natives of the planet Artio.  They are on average, a large people still bear like in appearance minus the full body covering of fur.  Short necks, abbreviated muzzle, their bodies are long and rounded, with a fatty physique.  Their hair distribution is similar to the Apsu,   their limbs are slightly longer than less evolved bears, and their paws are highly developed with opposing digits.  Arthyeir culture had already developed into full industrialization when the Ancients arrived, large industrial complexes with massive cities built around them.  To outsiders the most fascinating aspect of Arthyeir culture is the game that is a global obsession.  Every city has a team, competing in a myriad of leagues, on multiple skill levels, some professional, some amateur… the sport known as Scrum, is more a cultural obsession than a mere pastime.  The Arthyerian calendar is built around the multiple scrum seasons; there are different leagues in different regions that play at different times all year long.  The games are played in open valleys in the smaller towns and massive stadiums in the large cities.  For centuries those same valleys were soaked in the blood of Arthyerian warriors, battling over territory and pride.  These wars went on and on until a pair of tribes, during a momentary peace settlement started tossing around a gourd a solider picked up at random; and Scrum was born. Despite their girth, the Arthyeir are amazingly elegant swimmers which is also a highly competitive sport in their society

Most Arthyerian cities and towns are built near water as their diet is almost all seafood.  Though they do have expansive agriculture; growing fruits, nuts, berries and a few vegetables.  They will not eat meat from land animals, but anything in the sea is fair game.   Not unlike the Ravus, the Arthyeir do not erect buildings taller than ten stories, the race seems to have a collective fear of heights.  Many buildings have no windows past the sixth floor, those that do, are designed to let in light, but block sight of the street below.

The Arthyeir had not developed air travel, but when the Ancients arrived they had long since developed seafaring technology beyond even that which the Ancients could offer.  Their vessels range from the small and agile to massive city sized ships that constantly circle the planet with permanent residences constantly on the move.  Long after the depature of the Ancients, and the introduction of space travel, the Arthyeir are still loathe to wander the stars.  Very few citizens can be found off world.


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