The Apsu are a single species that have spread across the galaxy settling on numerous planets.  They arrived in waves, some small, some large they made homes on planets and built space stations in a myriad of systems.  The Apsu are a diverse group, culturally and ethnically though most are of an almond complexion and have dark wavy hair; save for groups like the Lyodahn who dye their hair blonde at passage into adulthood. 
            The Apsu bring with them crops and live stock that they have carried for eons.  Presumably these are remnants of their ancient home planet but the Apsu suffer from a cultural amnesia as no one can trace the peoples history beyond a dark time of enslavement at the hands of the enemies of the Ancients that brought many of them into the new galaxy.  Their enslavement had lasted over five centuries, their masters, a race known as Mechaniques; belived to have beena self aware mechanical group who evolved into a semi-organic hybrid life form that was at war with the Ancients for nearly a millennium. 
            After the Ancients had defeated the Mechaniques the Apsu set out in search of a new home.  The Mechaniques had spread them across their territory, so much so, that many Apsu groups had no contact or even knowledge of other groups on other planets or stations.  Forbidden by the Ancients to remain in the territory of the Mechaniques the Apsu moved further and further out into the galaxy.  With the assistance , and at the insistence of the Ancients they began to cross the Bythos into a nearby galaxy where they were told there were plenty of  suitable worlds upon which they could settle.  And so began the spread of the Apsu in to the new galaxy. 

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Apsu (Humans)




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