The Ancients


The purveyors of knowledge and technology throughout the galaxy; after a millennial war with the Mechaniques, the Ancients ventured out across their own, and into near by galaxies to make peace with their neighbors. Offering technology and a common language they brought billions of people into a new era. They moved from planet to planet teaching the galactic tongue and providing the myriad races with the ability to travel across the bythos. The Ancients encouraged trade and mutual co-operation while refusing to give weapons of any kind. Species from planets that could not previously see one another with their most powerful technology could now trade freely across the stars. One of the major initiatives implemented by the Ancients was a galactic data sharing network. Each planet and station is equipped with an array of storage space for the vast amount of data gathered by the Ancients and shared with the people. Each ship is equipped to download this data and any updates made to it, and when they make port the updates are uploaded to that locations database. The data on Condura is the same as the data on Tuatara, as the data on Tchefuncte, as the data on Prisca. Private messages can be sent in this same process, downloaded to spaceships and uploaded at new ports. The individual need only login to his message port and receive the message. It only takes the time for a single ship to travel from one world to another for message to be passed across the same distance. After 500 years of teaching, studying and cataloging the galaxy the Ancients departed, leaving the natives, and the two new races; the Syk’a rii and the Apsu to live out history.

Shortly after the Ancients departed a software virus spread through the networks causing all images and descriptions of the Ancients to be deleted. This calamity gave rise to the Learned Society, which was founded to maintain the network, but grew to a scholarly body that studies and adds to the network as well. During their time in the galaxy, the Ancients built data storage facilities and research bases on dozens of worlds, moons and a few meteors. The locations of these facilities had always been kept a secret, but members of the Learned Society quickly began working to locate them. They believe that hidden within those facilities are secrets to technology that could lead them to the next step in galactic development.   



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