Orbiting at the inner edge of the habitable zone, closer to their sun than her sister planet Tchefuncte; Tuatara is a lush green world of dense forests, humid jungles and vast marshes, at the planets poles are expansive barren deserts.

The native sentient species are a race of reptilian bipeds known as Tuatarans that originated the planets foggy marshlands.  From there they migrated out into the jungles and forests.  However when the Ancients arrived they were still clustered into a realm of about ten thousand square kilometers.  The remainder of the planet was wild, unclaimed land.  Over a dozen continents, of assorted topography were totally unknown to the native peoples.  With the arrival of the Ancients and the distribution of technologies eager chieftains, mystics and warlords rushed to seize control of the best lands.  In shorts order, they were able to; with the assistance of Ancient’s tech, building glimmering cities that reached beyond the canopy of trees and into the sky.  Smaller colonies and tribes were rounded up and used for labor constructing the new cities, and promptly left behind when their work was done; left below to live in the jungles and forests beneath the new cities. 

            The towers stand more than ten stories above the ground level, creating a permanent barrier between the Tuatarans enjoying the new technologies and the still primitive peoples on the surface.  Oddly, the separation benefits both groups. The people below, with the cover of the towers enjoy a level of protection from the elements, constructing villages in the shade and away from the large predators driven away during the construction.  Their numbers swelling far beyond the total number of Tuatarans on the planet before the Ancients arrived.  With an even larger number of Tuatarans living in the cities themselves.  The separation is only physical, 500 years later the two groups remain very similar in demeanor and temperament.  Though the city dwellers insist their neighbors below are savages, and the people on the surface below consider the city dwellers betrayers for leaving them below.  On occasion a rabble rouser will rise from among the surface dwellers, but it rarely leads to more than attempts to damage the pylons holding the towers up.  But at 8 by 8 meters of stone and steel, they lack the technology to do any real damage. 


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