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Nestled in the center of the known galaxy, Tholmai was once a sleepy Apsu world that long went ignored by the major transit operations. Co'ir had a shuttle operation that docked at the capital of Wel’oh.  The Learned Society established an academy at Wel’oh.  But Tholmai remained a fly by kind of world for hundreds of years.  Until Crimson Quill came, and offered to build a proper space port, that would make Tholmai an important stop for all trans-galactic traffic.  It took 10years to build the space port, a canyon three quarters the size of Wel’oh was dug to accommodate the massive vessels that would be landing on the planet.  During the construction, Apsu from across the galaxy flocked to Wel’oh to take jobs in the project. The planets population would nearly triple in a 15 year period.  And every day the population of Wel’oh would nearly double when the ships arrived to repair and refuel, and it drops back to normal when the ships depart.  Acres and acres of what was previously wilderness, were converted into warehouses, for cargo dropped off from one ship, and carried off by another a few days later.  The once sleepy world had become the center of shipping, where goods can be redirected to destinations, reducing the total number of routes each ship has to traverse.  Tholmai was booming.

Geographically, Tholmai is unremarkable; the typical world of mountains, rivers, valley and seas.  The Apsu who settled on the planet found no trace of previous civilization, and there were no large predators to ward off.   Descendants of the last Apsu to be freed from the Mechaniques, the Tholmaians as they came to call themselves, showed no interest in Galactic affairs, and had made no attempts to become a player in galactic commerce prior to the arrival of the Cipa’ci.  The people were content to live out their lives in simplicity, but those days are long gone.