Most of the worlds where the Apsu settled are fairly common; moderate climates, lots of vegetation and more than 51% of the planets surface is covered in water.  There are oddities like Condura, with her purple skies, but most Apsu worlds are similar in topography.  Most except Tchefuncte, if you only saw the planets eastern hemisphere, you might not notice the oddness of the world.  You would only see the vastness of planets massive ocean that, alone, covers 60% of the world’s surface, bordered by the outer edges of the planet’s single continent.  There are scattered islands across the sea, but nothing larger than a dozen square miles. 

On the continent are vast forest, massive bays, rivers, hills, streams, canyons and the single largest mountain in the galaxy.  Called the Mountain of the Stars by visitors, most notably the Tuatarans whose own home planet is in the same system.  But on Tchefuncte, it is known simply as the Mountain.  Its peaks reach beyond the planets atmosphere, its base is larger than most continents on other worlds. Believed to be, not a product of tectonic activity, but perhaps a piece of large space debris, that collided with an ancient Tchefuncte.  Within the mountain there is a subterranean sea that collects its waters from the snow and ice that covers much of the northern and eastern sides and form a kind of halo of white around a part of the mountain.  The snow does not exist beyond the edge of the atmosphere where there is no moisture.  Waters flow from the sea out of the mountain and down into the great ancient forest to the south of the mountain.

East of the Mountain, is a large area of relatively shallow waters bordered on the north and south by long peninsulas jutting out into the sea, creating a massive bay, usually filled with close to a thousand fishing vessels of all shapes, sizes, and designs from across the galaxy.  The fishermen make harbor in the bay city of Asoltico (Asslo-tico),  where waves of white homes, hotels, shops and restaurants rise slowly between the shore and the base of the mountain.  No building in Asoltico stands taller than six stories to prevent obstruction of the view of the ancient temple carved into the eastern face of the mountain, gazing down on the city, and the bay like a wise old relative watching children playing in the yard. 

The bay city of Asoltico was the first major settlement the Apsu built on the planet.  They came to Tchefuncte with the Ancients to work on a the construction of the Ecatlatlan facility; previously a temple carved by an extinct race native to the planet, the Ancients expanded it into a vast research facility with the assistance of the Apsu labor force.  When the Ancients left, the facility was abandoned and life shifted to the planets Apsu cities.  Due mostly to the danger of rock slides, and avalanche no one is allowed to climb beyond a clearly delineated height on the Mountain. 

South of the Mountain, is an ancient forest where the trees are so large that a fishing ship can be carved from a single section of trunk.  The forest city of Chilti’hulotl (Chill-ti who-atl) or Chilti as it is commonly known, was intended as a logging community, but the people fell so deeply in love with the ancient forest, that cutting down the trees became sacrosanct, and they turned to making paper and other smaller wooden objects from large branches, in addition to the whiskey the Functites learned to make during their time on Bacchus.  With wooden barrels, the whiskey is aged in the damp caves of the mountain and floated down the river to the city of  Quauh’falia (Coo-a fa-li-a), where its exported across the galaxy.  Aside from the small river boats that move the whiskey from the caves to Quauh’falia, the only way to get to Chilti is by train or on foot through the forest. The canopy is so thick, that you can’t see the city from above the trees, and landing a ship there is simply unthinkable.  The train lines continue west to the dozen or so smaller towns carved into the trees.  Like in Chilti, the people carve their homes into the trees, and build systems of bridges and platforms in between. 

West of the mountain is a desert, stretching for over a thousand miles before you reach the ocean, this is a land of death and desolation.  There are settlements at the base of the mountain, where hard living settlers grow rare herbs to be sold in the markets of Asoltico. The isolation and sparse population of the Western mountain face make it an inviting destination for pirates looking to lay low after a big job, that may have garnered more attention than cared for. 

Other than the random assortment of rogues in the western desert towns, the planets population is almost all Apsu, save for a small minority of Tuatarans living on the southern  peninsula.  The people of Tuatara had long been mystified by the Mountain that they could see in the night sky with their first rudimentary telescopes, as they charted Tchefuncte’s wobbling orbit.  Believing it to be a place of magic, they moved to Tchefuncte when the first opportunity arose; but they have long been frustrated with the Apsu’s refusal to allow them to explore the mountain or the temple.  This is a constant source of conflict.



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