X Spot
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A small but lush, green world whose name is usually spoken in a whisper; she is an enigma.  The beautiful green forests and abundance of temperate regions make Koly’ma an inviting stop to passing spacers.  But when a ships draws close the computer’s alarms sound off, heralding the danger below. The peaceful looking plains, abundant vegetation and wind swept beaches are a natural lure to weary spacers, but Koly’ma is home to a race of bi-pedal insects, whose insatiable carnivorous eating habits keep most people from setting foot on the surface; willingly. 

Koly’ma is the most well known, unsettled planet in the galaxy, people who have never been to the stars speak of it with fear, or brandish the name as a threat.  Several governments across the galaxy use Koly’ma and a “prison” planet; exiling criminals, dissidents and other unwanted citizens there, with the full expectation that they will be quickly consumed bye the natives.  Unlike normal predators, who only hunt when needed, the Koly’ma are drawn to their guests, especially Apsu, and are known to gather at the arrival of a space craft for an easy meal.  Ships arriving at Koly’ma for a drop off, will usually seek out a pack to hasten the process. 

Due to the almost certainty of death for anyone who lands on the planets surface there is little to no data on Koly’ma in the Galactic Record; just a location on the star charts, a topographical map of the planet, and the warning.  “DO NOT LAND HERE,” that appears on the displays of the ship’s, navigator, engineer, captain and if there is one, in the ships medical unit.  Most people wisely heed the warning.