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At the far end of the known galaxy, beyond what is considered civilized space, there exists the an asteroid belt boasting chunks of rock and earth, some the size or large moons.  The belt it self extends across a breadth of space wider than three systems, in fact it once was four systems of planets sent into calamity in a sudden blast of unknown origin giving birth to what is now known as the Galaxies Edge, the outer border of the known galaxy. 

Unknown to most, as most civilized spacers dare not wander that far out; the Galaxies Edge is rich in mineral deposits, precious jewels, raw materials of all sorts.  And the pirates who discovered this, have made their home in the most randomly dangerous section of space they could find.  While the larger asteroids tend to hold their position, the smaller bits spin about wildly, bouncing off of each other and the larger rocks in a willy-nilly dance of death for anyone whose mishap it is to wander into the path of one of these asteroids.  Using a combination of stolen and quick-rigged technology the pirates have built small ports on some of the larger rocks, using antigravity, and force shield devices to keep those asteroids safe. 

As mysterious, and dangerous as the asteroid belt is, the greater mystery lies beyond.  Contrary to common knowledge, the known galaxy, is but a small segment of a much larger galaxy.  Beyond the Galaxies Edge is the unknown, the unexplored, the truly uncivilized space.  The galactic tongue has never been heard, galactic script has never been seen, but life is just as varied and abundant as the other side of the Edge. 

The Galaxies Edge