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The seventh planet in the Hellas system, Demeter is the breadbasket of the system.  Rich with arable land; vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts and flowers of all sorts are gown here and shipped across the system, and throughout the galaxy.  Settled by Apsu, Demeter is reasonably peaceful planet, with strict social codes and a powerful central government.  The Demites escaped the invasion of criminals that plague near by Bacchus by maintaining strict immigration policies with brutal enforcement.  Founded by a small fleet of Apsu wanderers that preceded the Ancients into the galaxy, Demeter was originally a scattering of small city states spread about the best lands on the planet.  After years of competition and convulsion among the city states the Ancients arrived and helped unite the Demites, into a new political arrangement. 

            Demeter is born anew; no more will the city states compete to export their goods jockeying among themselves for position, and power.  The newly formed Demeter Union or DU as it is known would keep and maintain peace on the planet for centuries to come.  As increasing numbers of Syk’a rii moved into the Hellas system, the immigration laws were tightened to maintain sovereignty, equality and unity among the planets people.  Much effort is made to maintain a balance of equality among the people, to ensure that want and need remain unknown among the Demites.  The mere idea of desire, beyond what is provided by the DU is frowned upon throughout the society.  Unlike most other Apsu worlds there is no direct link with the greater Galactic Record, messages to the planet for non trade purposes are rare, as few Demites journey off world, and few off worlders visit Demeter.  Life in the stars is unknown to the Demites and life on Demeter is a mystery to the greater galaxy.
            In the years following the Ancients departure from the galaxy, Demeter grows increasingly isolated from her sister planets within the Hellas system.  To the point where ships bearing credentials from Bacchus are no longer allowed to land on Demite soil, nor are ships from any non-Apsu world.  However a larger enough space station is constructed in orbit to allow Crimson Quill ships to dock and accept and leave cargo.  Down on terra, life among the Demites is organized and orderly. Each person has a purpose, and duties are kept in strict discipline.  The Chaos that exists on the streets of Nysus are unknown on Demeter.  Where orphans roam free in the Bacchan capital, each child on Demeter is a ward of the DU.  It is far too risky to allow parents, devoted to their duties to be burdened with the distraction of child rearing.  As such each new born Demite is immediately taken into the care of Matersborne; a devoted team of technocrats, teachers, and doctors whose job it is to prepare the young people for life in the DU.  There is no date in the history of Demeter for when the Matersborne became the norm, it began as a voluntary program for busy mothers who wanted the best for their babies.  Over time the program expanded and became the norm for all births on the planet.  It is considered such a successful program that expectant Apsu mothers in the service of Co’Ir will on occasion arrange to deliver their babies on Demeter in hopes of giving them a terran life, not usually available to company kids who grow up on ships and space stations only rarely visiting the surfaces of actual planets.
            Very few people leave Demeter, though some are exiled for shirking their duties or endangering their neighbors with reckless behaviors or ideas.  Mating is encouraged, but pair bonding is considered selfish, and not in the best interest of the DU.  Marriage is allowed, but any such arrangements must be approved by the proper authorities, and examined for the benefit to the DU.  There are no laws within the DU; the rules are loose, unwritten and considered suggestions, to be adhered to.  Persons suspected of activities deemed unfavorable to the DU are subject to admission to a redemption center.  If this fails, exile is the final solution.   Broadcast across the surface of the planet is a low frequency microwave signal providing pertinent information to anyone equipped with a receiver tuned to the signal.  Children have the receivers surgically attached behind their right ear on their third birthday.  The brains of younger children are considered to underdeveloped to process the signal.