No man's land...

Located in the Ahlamah system, Condura is an Apsu occupied planet with an environment very different from the average life supporting world.  The Ahlamah system is notable for the large clouds of purple, iodine gas that colors the sky on Condura; which on a clear day is a pale lavender color.  The iodine rich atmosphere also colors the plant life on Condura, the plains flow with blue grass, the forests are filled with purple leaves.  The insects, lizards, rodents and birds evolved accordingly.  Life on Condura is literally like looking through violet colored glasses. 

The Apsu who call Condura home, built their cities on barely used remains of the settlements built by the violet skinned Sagol who preceded them to the planet, and named it as well.  Wiped out by a local virus, the Sagol were all but gone when the Apsu arrived.  The Sagol had began building their cities using marble quarried on the planet.  The Apsu, who began calling themselves Conduran, used the ships they arrived in to construct their homes around the existing marble structures.  The ships had been designed to be broken down into smaller units when a new home planet was discovered.  The living quarters on the ships easily convert to housing flats, that can be arranged on streets and dressed up to look like local constructions. 

The Sagol had already sought out and eliminated any dangerous predators near the cities, but the Conduran forests, jungles and swamps abound a myriad creatures from the deadly to the gentle.  The most magnificent animal on Condura is the massive Or’yah.  With a 20m wing span, 15m from beak to tail, the bird is tremendous in size, and equally as beautiful.  Their feathers rage from snow white to a rich royal blue, with half a dozen shades of purple and blue in between.  Their bright yellow beaks can grow as long as 3m and are deadly sharp.  But the birds are fish eaters and are not known to be aggressive toward other animals, unless threatened at which point they are absolutely deadly.  The mighty bird adorns the Conduran seal and is depicted in statues and other art across the planet.

The Conduran eco system is completely self sustaining, rich in natural resources and abundant with all the resources needed to sustain a large society.  There is little in the way of export and trade is usually initiated by spacers who stop on Condura for rest and supplies.  The matriarchal Conduran leadership is loathe to allow ships captained by men to make port on their planet.  So those visits are rare, though women, mostly Apsu women do travel to Condura in large numbers for vacations, and at times to start life anew on a new world.


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