One of the most unusual planets in the known galaxy, Cipa’nid is vastly different from most other habitable worlds.  Rich in flora and fauna, the spring time of the various regions of Cipa’nid is characterized by a dense fog like pollinization.  The valleys of Cipa’nid are filled with vast forest of tree like flowers, that fill the sky with pollen for three months of every year.  The large insects that feed on the pollen are the most common food for the Cipa’ci people.  Though most prefer fish, in short supply on their home world.  Once the seas of Cipa’nid were teeming with thousands of species of fish, but poor planning, over fishing and pollution colluded to dwindle the worlds edible ocean life to little or none.  The only fish available in large quantities are grown on special fish farms.  The seas of Cipa’nid are now filled with heavy water, which killed off most edible fish species, and made the water deadly to drink.  The heavy water was once confined to a single large inland sea, but canals were dug to accommodate transit, and the heavy water spread out in to the planets oceans having a devastating effect.  Most inland rivers and lakes have been cleaned and are suitable to drink from, but the days of the vast ocean fishing are long over.  In the wilderness areas of Cipa’nid the indigenous insect species roam about freely in large swarms in a thunderous cacophony that would horrify people like Apsu and Syk’a rii, and it is not unusual for the bugs to be seen flying freely in cities where large parks are common attracting the bugs from the country side in the spring.

Cipa’ci cites were built to the whims of the monarch that ordered their construction.  But common across the planet are urban park areas filled with the huge flowers natural to the planet.  The Cipa’ci are great lovers of the flowers native to their particular regions, especially when the flower’s petals match their own feathers.  In the country side, farmers raise specially bred insects for food, and make wine and other spirits from the local flowers.  Since the establishment of Crimson Quill foods, particularly fish, from across the galaxy is available in most cites, and the farms have suffered.

Despite the high traffic and galactic commerce, off worlders are strictly prohibited from landing on Cipa’nid.  Spacers ferrying goods must exchange with Crimson Quill ships in orbit.  To facilitate this, a multi-species space station was constructed in orbit of the planet.  But even on the station, visitors, non Cipa’ci, are limited in their movements, restricted only to ostentatiously marked public areas. 


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