Planet number eight in the binary Hellas system, Bacchus is the place where people from across the galaxy go to enjoy their most depraved self indulgence.   Originally an Apsu colony, sister to the settlement on Demeter; the Bacchans became renowned for their fine wines, ales and the diverse spices that seasoned their foods.  More and more people would emigrate from the farthest corners of the galaxy, bringing diverse culture and huge amounts of money.  (Only the most  wealthy could afford the passage from beyond the Hellas system.) The new comers were flocking to the once tiny town of Nysus, nestled in the vast Sybaris valley of the planets Eastern hemisphere, where the finest wine and ale was flowing like the Sybarine River that passed through the valley.  The rapid expansion of the city and population eventually overpowered the weak planetary government which would slowly be replaced by a stronger less scrupulous body.  The vast amounts of money being spent on Bacchus, and a pliable government, attracted a new power to the planet; gangsters, crime lords from a plethora of systems, and almost as many species, sent operatives to set up gamming houses and brothels in Nysus.  They soon took over the wine and ale exports, infiltrated the government and law enforcement agencies and essentially took over the planet.   Today Bacchus is a thriving society; commerce and tourism maintain a vibrant economy. Often referred to as the capital of crime in its sector of space, Nysus is also one of the largest cities in the known galaxy.  But the corruption that shades its reputation is carefully hidden in the back alleys and basements of the sprawling metropolis.
            Boasting the galaxies only truly diverse population, Nysus is subdivided into ethnic neighborhoods, cultural and species segmentation is the norm.  But the most popular parts of the city are the three vast hotel/ casino districts each with its own unique flavor, atmosphere and attractions.  The grandest of the grand Nysus attractions is the massive Bythos Resort and Galactic Stadium, literally the largest single terrestrial structure in the known galaxy.  The facility is so large, it was once stated that it “looks as if some great and ancient culture built a massive space station, then grew a planet under it.”  With over 5,000,000 rooms and suites, 2 hundred casinos; from elite high roller plazas to low rent gaming rooms for the down on their luck gambler, the Bythos Resort can accommodate anyone with an urge to wager how ever much they may have.  However diverse the clientele, the high rollers need never concern themselves with rubbing elbows with the great unwashed.  The lower the bets, the deeper the room in the bowls of the resort; while the high rollers bask in the light of two suns or the light of the planets 3 moons shining through the vast sheets of glass walls and roofing.  In between, are the hotel rooms, shopping promenades and at the core of the facility the greatest collection of sporting venues known to exist.  A dozen small ring courts and fighting pits for amateur events dot the perimeter of a massive 400,000 seat arena where the best teams on the planet compete for glory and gold;  where the most powerful and cunning warriors  from every corner of the known universe do battle to the delights of the ever present throngs of fans.  A fighter hasn’t made it until he has defeated the best of the best in the Galactic stadium. Outside of the Bythos Resort, on the streets of Nysus there is no shortage of entertainment, eating, and depravity.  If you want it, and have enough money to pay for it, you can find it somewhere in Nysus.

            Beyond Nysus, there are hundreds of miles of soaring mountains, dense forests and lush valleys.  Nestled in those valleys, across the planet are vineyards and granaries that stretch for miles on end.   Wines and ales that wet lips throughout the galaxy are born on the vines and stalks of Bacchan grapes and grains.  There are additionally, several small settlements scattered about the planet, but they are mostly self sustaining Apsu enclaves that managed to maintain their autonomy after Nysus grew into the super city that it is.  They are the refuge for Bacchans looking to escape the chaos of the city without adjourning to the rural existence of life on a vineyard or a farm.



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