A wind swept world of hills and valleys, Artio is quite flat with very little tectonic or volcanic activity.  Just kilometer after kilometer of forested hills and grassy valleys interspersed with rivers and streams that flow in and out of the vast oceans and seas that cover almost 80% of the planet’s surface.  For centuries those same valleys were soaked in the blood of Arthyerian warriors, battling over territory and pride.  These wars went on and on until a pair of tribes, during a momentary peace settlement started tossing around a gourd a solider picked up at random; and Scrum was born.

The waters of Artio are teeming with life, crustaceans of all shapes and sizes, fish as small as a finger nail all the way up to the world’s greatest predator, a mega shark known locally as the Tchoupitoula.  There were once large land predators but most were killed off or driven far from civilization long ago. 

Initially, after the Ancients came and introduced new technologies, Artio became a distributor of fishes to Cipa’ci settlements within a few days space flight. So space ports sprang up across the planet. However, It only took one viral outbreak from an off-worlder to trigger the creation of space born transition ports, where anyone interested in traveling to the surface is quarantined, thoroughly examined and scrubbed to prevent further contamination from foreign born ailments. What only causes a cough in one species can nearly wipe out another. 

Most Arthyerian cities and towns are built near water as their diet is almost all seafood. Though they do have expansive agriculture; growing fruits, nuts, berries and a few vegetables. However, their primary production is in heavy industry, which became a staple export after the Ancients were gone. Using plans for equipment found in the Galactic Record they began churning out land transports, building equipment and of course, their own Arthyerian designed boats, for distribution across the galaxy. 

The equipment is picked up and delivered by the Co’ir Transport Co., which moves goods across the galaxy.  When a new type of implement is required for an order, researchers scour the Record for a machine that can do the job.  With all the coming and going there has grown a population of Apsu living among the Arthyeir, manning the ships going to and from the orbiting transit stations on the payroll of Co’ir. As the natives have little intersest in flight or space travel, it makes for a cozy relationship. Until it doesn't.


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