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From the early days of open transit of goods in space there were people who sought to steal those goods en route. But the first pirates to make a big impact were not independant actors. They were young spacers hired by the Gafflers union to strike the ships of companies that hired non-union workers. The Spacers union did the same. As the years went on and the smaller transport companies were washed away, or bought out by Co'ir and assorted Cipa'ci interests. As the pirate for hire buseness began to dry up, the privateers turned their attention to the larger companies; Co'ir began to buy off the most effective pirates, but the Cipa'ci simply ignored the problem considering it a minor cost of doing biz. Instead of fighting the pirates they just built bigger ships, that could carry more freight than the pirates could steal at one time. Another accomodation is the movement of valubles to the highest point of storage on the ship. Precious metals and gems are stamped SHIP HIGH IN TRANSIT, to make them as difficult to reach as possible.

As they aged, those early pirates, most of whom were no longer on the payroll of the unions began to expand their operations. Some acquiring small fleets of ships to strike the larger transports in unison, making it easier to make off with more booty. Electronic means of signal jamming are incorporated, but quickly many of the pirate krewes begin to adapt redimentry weapons on their ships. With no real industry in place to arm the ships, they build crude projectile weapons that fire slag metal, ball and chain implements and other roughly made weapons to take out comunicaotions and engines on the ships they prey on.