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Let's get down the brass tacks and get into some serious creativity and expression. I've come up with a handful of characters, places and circumstances, but I'm going to let YOU, the reader fill in some of the details. You can create your own characters that interact with those listed on the site, tell their stories, fill in their histories, and set them out to solve the mysteries of the galaxy, or just reek a little havoc, which ever you prefer. Not every story will be posted, but feel free to share amongst yourselves. All posted stories will be fully credited to the author, if I make any changes, or edits to fit into the wider time line, you WILL still be credited as the originator of the story.

There is no money in this for me at the moment, its just an exercise in creativity and expression, I have a vision for where I would like to take things in the neoXeno galaxy but it will be interesting to see what other folks have to add to it.

If you are an artist with skills in the comic book style and would like to take a stab at rendering characters I would love to hear from you. Again, I can't offer payment, but you will get full credit for your work. I can be reached at

If you have a story you'd like to submit feel free to do so, things are slow for me duringn the holidays so I have time to read and edit submissions. Until then... enjoy. And welcome to the Galaxy of neoXeno.

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