Nuex Umbrai
(Nuexan'anhkrael Umbrai'ilnatine)

" this a private fight, or can anybody join in?!?!"


Sometime pirate, full time rouge, long time friend of Seethe; Nuex is a human, Yeti half breed whose human mother frequently feed Seethe and his other child hood friends.  Son of a popular bar maid, Nuex grew up around rouges off all kinds.  His father was a Yeti named Umbrai, who had been lured out of seclusion by the glitz of the city life in Nysus.  He, would die not long after Nuex was born. 
            When he was about 11, his best friend Seethe would join a band of pirates who had taken port in Nysus, he wanted desperately to join his friends but his mother would have nothing of it.  Five years, four feet of height and 150lbs of weight later, she was glad to see her ever-hungry son take off to see the galaxy.  He had gone from being an overly hairy looking teenage boy, to a full sized human looking Yeti. 

A long troubled man, Nuex is drawn to trouble throughout his younger years.  In many places, he is a pariah, unwelcome, unwanted, and oft times out right hunted.  Due to his size and unmistakable appearance he can hide nowhere, because no one looks like Nuex Umbrai.  For many years he languishes in the morbidity of his solitude in the universe.  Drinking heavily, spending what ever money he had hastily and with little regard to his next meal.  Nuex would eventually fall under the spell of the scourge of the galaxy.  Imported from beyond the Galaxies Edge, soma is a highly addictive narcotic that, once it has a man’s spirit, rarely lets him get away.  Many men and women, young and old would descend into the haze of madness and desperation that is the life of a soma addict.  Forever devoted to the quest for the next hit, always chasing the feeling of the first taste which of course is a fruitless quest.  Never till the user again know the feeling of the first hit as soma rapidly alters his mind, weakening his resolve, and in less than a few weeks of regular use making him a permanent emotional slave. 
            Nuex would be no different, though it requires more soma for him to get high than it would for the average Apsu.  His hunger making him an incredibly dangerous man, no longer could his closest friends, Seethe or Moonsmasher help him keep his life in order.  Nuex had always lived on the edge, but once he took to the life of soma he becomes random and completely unpredictable, he could turn up anywhere in the galaxy where soma was known to be available, and his mood could vary from the solemnity of a recent score, to the agitated madness of the yearn. It is only after hitting absolute rock bottom that Nuex begins to change, and with the guidance of Sarai K’yarr who finds the broken man 150lbs under weight and slowly dieing in a Pyranese prison.   With the guidance of a man he had long ridiculed and teased, Nuex is able to turn his life around and become one of the truly great heroes of the galaxy.


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