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The prophet of Vet’ma, born in obscurity; an orphan raised in the Enoch’var temple in the Avar’ah region of Syk’rha.  The children come from Syk’a rii settlements and spacers across the galaxy; brought to the Syk’aran home world to be raised among their own people.  Musarus was from an early age seen to be an incredibly brilliant child.  Before he could even speak the Syk’a rii boy was displaying his brilliance, solving puzzles meant for children 10 years his senior.  As soon as he was speaking, Musarus was reading, and soon after he began preaching; as he was being raised in a Temple by tahtlls, the first book he read was the Book of Enoch.  The young boy was deeply engrossed in his studies and would read the holy book over and over.  By the time he was 7 years old he could recite chapter and verse, and was never shy about sharing with others; he was becoming a great orator as well.  Where the tahtlls mostly kept silent and spent most of their time in study, their ward was a fervent evangelist of the way of Enoch, gathering the other children being raised in the temple, and preaching to them on a regular basis. 

When Musarus was 9 years old, a new tahtll arrived at the temple.  A man named A’chan Shu’syk, formerly a tahtll in the service of the ruling Court of Rosalie, he was returning to Syk’rha after spending time in the stars studying with the Learned Society.  Considered the most well educated tahtll at the temple, Shu’syk is called upon to mentor the brightest student there.  Setting a course that would reverberate across the galaxy for decades to come.  While in the company of the Learned Society Shu’syk became engrossed in a cabal known as the Technocrats; whose goal it is to eliminate religion as an obstacle to advancements in thinking and society.  Taking those ideas to heart this wayward holly man was turned away when he tried to share them with the tahtlls in the Court of Rosalie, which landed him in the remote Avar’ah region.  Not willing to further isolate himself, he decides to keep his ideas away from his counterparts; he decides to use his new pupil, Musarus as a vehicle to advance his goals.  But his target would not be Enoch’var as a whole, but instead a small, violent sect of Enoch’var, a group known as the Vet’ma.   

Shu’syk introduces Musarus to a text he refers to as the Protocols of Vet’ma; a long detailed document that tells the history of the Vet’ma sect, and predicts the arrival of a prophet who would lead the Vet’ma to greatness, and bring all of Enoch’var to the true way of Enoch.  It wasn’t long before the wide eyed boy began to wonder if he was the prophet the Protocols speak of.  They told of a brilliant young man, who, under the tutelage of the right teacher would rise to lead the Vet’ma to greatness.  Musarus was, even before Shu’syk arrived, convinced that he was special, and meant to do great things.  He could look around the temple and see that even at his young age; he was far smarter than most everyone around.  None of the tahtlls could match his wit, or challenge his mind in a substantial way.  Then again, few tried, it was not their way.  The tahtlls saw their duty as only to provide the children the basics they needed to survive beyond the temple.  They learned to read and they learned trades.  At age 16, the children were expected to either travel to the city to begin their lives, or begin the study to become tahtlls.  Isolated and alone with his thoughts, Musarus and his fervent imagination wandered the stars while he parsed every line of the Book of Enoch and the Protocols of Vet’ma. 

Since the time the Syk’a rii arrived the galaxy, the Vet’ma had scattered across the stars.  Only making themselves known in random acts of self-destruction, reducing themselves and whoever happens to be unlucky enough to be in their company to so much space dust.   But since the Pyranese war, the Vet’ma had congealed and began to gather in a new settlement, on of all planets, Koly’ma, long considered a place to go and die.  But a small group of Vet’ma had landed there just before the war and discovered a vast city in the jungle.  Not just a city, but a city free of the local Koly’ma people.  The fear the place, and will not go near it; they in fact react in a display of physical pain when they get too close.  Located on a peninsula just south of the planets equator, the city is now home to a rapidly growing population of Vet’ma adherents, and converts who joined the faith during the war.  When he learned about this new place, Musarus had to go there.  The now 11 year old boy begged his teacher to take him to Koly’ma; and his teacher happily obliged. 

From the moment he arrived in the new Vet’ma capital on Koly’ma; the city of Gha’enyah, Musarus made his presence known.  Holding impromptu worship sessions on the steps of temples, and on street corners, the crowds gathered quickly, and grew rapidly as word of the boy preacher spread across the settlement.  Within two months of his arrival, he never intended to return to Syk’rha, Musarus was in the company of the Vet’ma Iko and was wowing the monarch with his fiery sermons.  He was becoming the voice of the Vet’ma on Koly’ma, his sermons broadcast on screens across the city.  The protocols of Vet’ma were a new revelation to many of the recent arrivals, and they took to the new teachings with great fervor. 

At age 12, Musarus was asked to take part in a right of passage developed after the migration into Gha’enyah; the Kry’ma, where young Vet’ma boys and girls re-enact the initial exposition into the wilderness of Koly’ma; ten years prior a band of a dozen Vet’ma followers arrived on Koly’ma to test their metal in a hunt of the vaunted Koly’ma, insectoid creatures who are said to be able to eat a man from head to tow in a matter of minutes.  It was during this personal test of strength, the five survivors of the expedition discovered Gha’enyah buried in centuries of overgrowth.  Now the children of the Vet’ma, looking to prove worthy of adulthood, travel into the wilderness in groups of five to track down and survive confrontation with the Koly’ma.  Those that don’t survive return to god, those that do, are considered full adults within the society. 

Musarus Groznë, and four other children, armed only with swords and water, made their way beyond the northern edge of the city, into Koly’ma territory.  Within minutes they were set upon by a pack of Koly’ma, seven of the creatures surrounded the Vet’ma youths and began to strike at them with their claws.  In a flash one of the girls in the group was on the ground and being eaten by two of the Koly’ma; two of the Vet’ma boys managed to take down one of the lustily hungry beasts leaving Musarus and one other boy to tangle with the remaining three insectoids.  Not good odds for survival, as the Koly’ma’s thick exoskeleton requires a powerful blow to penetrate; unlike the other children who had been taught to fight from childhood, Musarus had no fighting experience what ever.  But in a sudden burst adrenalin, strength and rage, the boy preacher had killed two of the beasts saving the boy at his side, before beheading the third Koly’ma which had jumped back in fear from his initial attack.  The female, while seriously injured survived her scuffle with her attacker; and the other 2 boys managed to subdue the beast they were fighting.  For the first time since the Kry’ma was initiated all of the children would return alive.  On average, only three of every group of five would return alive; sometimes none returned at all.  But this time the boy preacher would emerge from the forest with his entire crew team. 

When the new adults arrived at the temple in Gha’enyah the woman at the back door where they are greeted to have their wounds treated, was amazed to count all five.  And each of the four others credited Musarus with their survival; and spoke of his rousing sermon during their journey home.  While most children who managed to return from the Kry’ma alive needed weeks of treatment to heal, Musarus was uninjured.  The young man was whisked to the company of the Iko where he was praised for his bravery, his brilliance and most incredible, Musarus was officially anointed a prophet by the Iko.  A decision the Iko would soon come to regret. 

Within three years the boy prophet had gathered enough support, and power to outweigh even the Iko, who was reduced to little more than a figurehead, as the outspoken and audacious Musarus took hold of the reigns of power in Gha’enyah.  The Vet’ma followed his every word, believers from across the galaxy who had ignored to call to the new capital, now rushed to Koly’ma to hear their prophet speak.  He called them to the strictest adherence to Vet’ma; he called those that ventured into the stars to spread the word of the Vet’ma.  And he called the Vet’ma to die with honor where ever they lived.  It was not good enough to live the Vet’ma way, it was a necessity to die the Vet’ma way.  To die with honor, to die in battle, or when necessary, to die in repression of those that refuse to accept the ways of the Vet’ma.  “Those Enoch’var believers who refuse the way of the Vet’ma must be taught the error of their ways.  If they refuse, it is up to us as true believers to take them back to god!!”  Musarus would constantly command his followers.

There have long been rumors that the Vet’ma was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of ships across the galaxy.  Usually ships with mostly Syk’a rii passengers, sometimes ships of pilgrims traveling to places like the Enoch’var temple Esagila on the planet Tenerife.  But officials with Co’ir and other transport companies would always blame the lost ships on pirates, meteors or other random space debris.  Now, on the word of Musarus, the bombing of Syk’a rii filled ships became more common and life in the stars more dangerous.  And it would only be the beginning, with Musarus giving the orders the Vet’ma would soon rise up and wreak havoc across the galaxy, and not just for his fellow Syk’a rii.

Musarus Groznë

…I am the voice in the darkness that speaks to the light.


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