Herotte Yujel


The most famous Cipa'ci pirate in the galaxy, and captain of the great ship Blood Eagle; Herotte Yujel and his crew terrorize Crimson Quill ships across the galaxy. They rarely attack ships that are not owned by Cipa'ci interests. Though his birth name is no secret, he is most commonly known by the nick name he acquired in the biggest event of his life.

Once the most promising young officer in the Crimson Quill fleet, Captain Yujel was preparing to take command of the compaines new flag ship bulk cruiser. Designed to be the greatest ship in the galaxy the Hahyehl was still in space dock with only a skelaton crew when her new captain found himself in what he considered a dire emergency. A small transport ferrying 200 Apsu workers back to Pyrah for leave was drifting into the path of the Hahyehl. The ferry was on auto-pilot as the Cipaci who was supposed to be at the controls had taken leave to the rest room not expecting the bulk cruiser to be in motion. Under orders from his Admerial, Captain Yuhel was taking his new ship out for manuver testing. When he noticed the small transport he imdeatly reacted, manuvering the Hahyehl out of the path of the ferry, and directly into the moon being mined to build the ship. In a flash, the Pyranese workers were saved but one of their planet's moons and the ship they had been building were both badly damaged. A chuck of the moon twice the size of the ship drifted off into space, eventually finding an orbit of its own around the planet. But the Hahyehl was so badly damaged that it would need to be almost completly rebuilt.

Initially Captain Yujel thought himself a hero for saving the workers, certainly 200 lives were worth more than a fancy new ship. But when the Admieral got the report of the damage to the ship, and lost mining equipment from the moon, he instantly stripped Yujel of his rank and ordered him back to Cipa'nid for trial. He was to be charged for the wanton destruction of company property, and bared from ever leaving the planet again. His life would take another sudden turn when a pirate known as Be'yoh Sebaka intercepted the ship carrying him back to Cipa'nid and freed him. Word of Yujel's heroics in saving the Pyranese workers had spread among Apsu spacers, and when Captain Sebaka realized he was close enough to intervene, he raced to rescue the man responsible. Now in the company of pirates, and with a freshly minted nick name, Moonsmasher's new life was launched. Within months he was elected captain of a crew of pirates whose old leader had fallen in a raid.

In time, with the help of his off and on first mate Nuex Umbrai, Moonsmasher would acquire a new ship, he would name the Blood Eagle. A highly modified Cipa'ci freighter, the ship is a sign of impending doom to all Crimson Quill captains. After being prosecuted by his own people, Moonsmasher would spend much of his life reminding them of their mistake. Though a scourge to the Crimson Quill, the Blood Eagle is usually a friend to most independant spacers, Moonsmasher is not a cruel man, and is in fact of a very mild temperment as pirates go. But he can never go home, and isnt welcome in any Cipa'ci settlement in the civilized galaxy. These inconvient facts confine the captain to life in the stars; he isnt an eager pirate, but he is loyal to his crew and will not let them go without the booty they crave to appease his personal prediliction. When he isnt on his ship he can be found in one of the myriad pirate haunts around the galaxy, usually in the company of Nuex Umbrai or a few of his other former and current crewmen.


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