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Traditional Syk’a rii bathers. With roots deep in the ancient history of the Syk’aran people, Syk’a rii husbands and wives bath one another; paying close attention to the tail, which is always washed first.  During the exodus, a new tradition was developed for single men and quickly spread through the fleet.  Young, unattached women called Lyks’et, would bath single men, and other women as well (male Lyks’et, called Lyks’od are extremely rare.)   Once in the new galaxy, this practice was further developed with the building of bath houses in large Syk’a rii settlements.  Not to be confused with prostitutes, who provide strictly sexual services, the Lyks’ets perform a highly traditional and ceremonial service.  However in untamed space, places like Nysus, prostitutes pose as Lyks’ets; who pay lower taxes than prostitutes, some performing the full ceremony before moving on to sexual acts.  In more civilized places, the Lyks’et is considered an honored and beloved member of the community, greatly appreciated for her selfless desire to care for the unmarried.  Marriage is a highly prized, and greatly cherished thing among the Syk’a rii, not to be trivialized or taken lightly.  Single people are generally looked upon as lacking, or emotionally poor.  Within Syk’a rii communities in civilized space, great effort is taken to bring men and women of seemingly like mind together.  These things do not happen outside of civilization and the bath houses are where Syk’a rii men go in hopes of meeting available Syk’a rii women. 

Lyks'et Bathers

...purifying the body and soul

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