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Born in the early years after the departure of the Ancients, the Learned Society was founded by Apsu, Syk’aran and Ravus scholars who were gathered on a space station called Axum to share their collected data and review material not available in the Galactic Record.   The group would over time develop into an educational institution, elite families from across the galaxy would send their children to the Learned Society for education.  Within a few hundred years the Learned Society had campuses on planets and space stations across the galaxy, not just among the Apsu and Syk’a rii but among the native peoples too.  But their goal of spreading knowledge and understanding isn’t shared by all members; factions begin to form within the society, each with their own agenda and varying degrees of devotion, usually more to the faction than the society as a whole.
A racially diverse group who study the history and cultures of the galaxy.  They protect their findings viciously, keeping the knowledge within the society, passing it on, only to their students. It is strongly held that some of what the Society has discovered over the years could create chaos through out the galaxy if it ever got out, this is the common excuse for not adding all their finding to the Galactic Record.  Then again, maybe the people just wont care, and will just go on with their lives.  Either way, much of what has been parsed from posting in the Galactic record and field research is kept under wraps in the vast Society libraries.  And this data is not shared from one campus to another.  The pieces of a puzzle are often times spread over several campuses, increasing the difficulty of gathering the information and developing an understanding of its true meaning.  Only a truly intent individual, looking for a specific answer could get to the most guarded of secrets. 
The schools where the LS passes on what they know to the next generation of Learned Ones, as they like to call themselves are mostly found on either civilized worlds with strong governments that can protect them or on isolated stations and some uninhabitable moons and planets.  Some of the larger locations are shared with the Science Guild that trains the more scientifically inclined individuals in medicine, engineering and various fields of scientific research.  Also found on the various campuses are a myriad of cabals, small groups of elites who deem themselves keepers of that campuses secrets.  While mostly antonymous the ideas that purvey within the cabals are often very similar as they are based to the same ideals parsed from the data banks of the ancients.  The cabals see themselves as the wisest of the wise, leading some of the groups to seek to take control of the outer populations on the planets they inhabit; as occurred on Condura where a small cabal of female students rose to take over the planet and established a matriarchal dictatorship.  The cabals profess themselves as advocates of the disadvantaged, champions of the weak; from this position they gather power and positions of prominence from which they can engage in their social experiments.  Oddly enough, the cabals themselves are usually their own worst enemies.  Conflicts between cabals are highly contentious and have at times led to violence.  The Campus at Wel’oh was one of the first ever founded, but it disintegrated when tension between cabals on its staff  led to the whole facility being burnt to the ground.  Not to be reborn for over 300 years. 

Section 8; The most secretive, and wide spread of the cabals, Section 8, was formed with the specific intent of gathering knowledge of the Ancients for their own use, to bring the group to a position of power in the galaxy.  The smaller experiments on Tuatara had not gone far enough, on Condura things are said to have been poorly executed, hence they had not yet proven how glorious the galaxy could be under the right rules, and rulers.  Hence, members of cabals from across the galaxy formed a new group, with the singular intent of bringing order to the galaxy.  The members of Section 8 use code names while out on research expeditions, concealing their identities when they travel to protect the cabal.  While not all members of Section 8 are dangerous, some have on occasion turned to hit men to eliminate people they believe to have come to know too much, or members whose ideas are deemed incongruous with those of Section 8.  The man known as the Traveler was one such person, he and his father accompanied a group of Section 8 scientists to an Ancient’s data storage facility, when they discovered the boy had read some of the data they acquired they attempted to have him killed, sending the young man into permanent hiding.  Due to their secretive nature, it is unknowable who, or how many Section 8 members met their end after falling out of favor with the cabal.

The Learned Society

Understanding is strength, Knowledge is power, teaching is divine.

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Learned Society