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The most secretive, and wide spread of the Learned Society cabals, Section 8, was formed with the specific intent of gathering knowledge of the Ancients for their own use, to bring the group to a position of power in the galaxy. Frustrated that their wisdom and knowledge went unnoticed by the greater galaxy, a small group of Learned Society students and professors gathered from campuses across the galaxy to discuss ways to bring the galaxy to order, and spread their wisdom among the plethora of societies scattered among the many systems. Part of the work was already done, with a shared language across the galaxy, and the Galactic Record linking them together, the group could reach each planet without traveling beyond the walls of their meeting room from which they took their name. “Section 8” being the bland moniker given to the storage room in which they met on the space station Axum.

Their first order of business was to complete the operation began by the ancients, a process they dubbed the Next Step, that being to strip the various cultures of their differences. In the name of Galactic peace and unity, Section 8 would preach a dogma of sameness, and equality of the galaxies species and cultures. To achieve this they sought to discredit old beliefs and religions. Traditions that dated back to long before many of these worlds had electricity were to be shunned as relics of an ignorant past. But their early efforts failed to take hold with the indigenous peoples. So a second conference was held, where they compiled a new set of doctrines to lead them to their goals. Officially titled, the Doctrines of Furtherance to the Next Step; while open to interpretation by current membership, the doctrines are a strict compilation of how to bring forth the unity and peace they seek. But resistance to their efforts persist, most of the galaxies native species were loathe to change their ways, particularly at the behest of technocrats with no military power.

The more pliable Apsu, new to the galaxy, and lacking any knowledge of their ancient past were far more willing to fall in line, and made up the bulk Section 8’s early converts. As time past, more and more students at LS academies were indoctrinated into the Next Step, they ventured out unto the stars to spread the word. Having the primary effect of infecting, though only in a small way, much of the new work force of Co’ir, who traveled across the galaxy constantly, and could reach peoples who never set foot on an LS campus. 

Early on, only two planets, Condura and Tuatara would attempt to implement the Doctrines in Furtherance to the Next Step. On Condura, an Apsu settled world, a group of female students from the LS campus there helped to elevate one of their predecessors, and fellow traveler to the planets Chancellorship. Riding a wave of anti-male furor that followed a major drug epidemic among the planets men, which in turn led to a massive upturn in sexual assaults; the Ladies Revolution washed aside the old government and established a permanent gynocracy. While seen as an interesting experiment, Section 8 declared Condura a failure; mostly because Section 8 at the time had a mostly male membership that was no longer welcome on Condura. On Tuatara the planet's reptilian natives were clawing their way out of the stone age when the Ancients intervened in their growth. Only a select few Tuatarans, who showed what the Ancients considered promise, were bestowed the knowledge of the Ancients, and trusted to pass it on to their brethren. When these specially selected scholars returned to their home world, they gazed upon their people with disgust; the barbaric hoards that wandered the forests were not, in their eyes, ready for the wisdom they now possessed. So they chose from among them, anyone they felt prepared to learn, and with the assistance of the Ancients built marvelous emerald cities from which to forge the future of Tuatara. But the vast majority of Tuatarans remained in the forests below; the cities were built on 40ft stilts so not to allow access to the barbarians in the woods. Again, Section 8 frowned on this failure of unity. The division of the Tuataran people between the learned and the barbaric was seen as an unwelcome deviation from the Doctrines, hence not a path to the Next Step

Though not devout adherents to the Next Step, the multitude of Apsu LS graduates only proved to exacerbate long simmering tensions between the new comers and the native species of the galaxy that saw them as overbearing, hyper breading interlopers. Section 8’s inner leadership, however, was ever patient and bided their time. In order to reach a larger audience, and make them more receptive to the Next Step, Section 8 who despite their legion of students and graduates was miniscule in operatives and had no ability to force change anywhere, even on the campuses where most students were more interested in adventures in the stars than any fancy new ideas on societies and governance. Hence, they would bide their time; continue to gather the knowledge of the ancients and await the time when Section 8 could come to the rescue of the galaxy, and guide all of its peoples on the path of the Next Step in strict adherence to their established Doctrines.

Section 8

“From the shadows we guide the galaxy”

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