Jho’safar Bien Iko
Yo-si-far Be-in I-ko


The greatest leader in Syk’aran history, Jho'safar fulfilled the prophecy of uniting the Syk’aran people across the panet. While he was a fierce and powerful warrior, he was also a brilliant and wise leader. Guided by Enoch'var teachings he forged a single union of the thousands of tribes and nations of Syk’ara. Many had come before him, and taken control of the planet, they failed to maintain that control. But Jho’safar was the father of order, and the bringer of peace on Syk’ara. 

The primary separator between Jho’safar and his predecessors was his knowledge of and adherence to Rha’chak.  Raised in a warriors clan, he was a born warrior, but as a young man of 20 years he was introduced the Way of Life.  After meeting a Mhy'za while traveling alone to a distant village he became deeply absorbed into the process; devoting the next decade of his life to Rha’chak.  In his 40s Jho’safar became the leader of his clan, and began the long slow process of uniting the Syk’aran people. Village by village, region by region he would first offer the people protection from raiders and other aggressive tribes in the region.  As he slowly suppressed the aggressive forces of destruction more and more tribes and villages came to Jho’safar seeking his protection or desiring to join his growing empire. 

As the first century of his life came to a close Jho’safar Bien Iko had brought peace and co-operation to every known village and settlement on Sky’ara.  Only once had he ever been pushed to tap into Rha’chak to achieve victory.  In a battle that would live in legend among his people, even as they abandoned their home planet, and journeyed to a new home, Jho’safar defeated twelve men who sought to betray him and seize control of the planet for themselves.  Once his most trusted lieutenants, the men plotted for months for the perfect time to eliminate their leader.  The battle lasted a full day, as the treacherous dozen attacked at dawn, and made combat until the sun rose again.  And of the 13 combatants, only Jho’safar hovering above the ground glowing in the morning air remained alive.

For the next five hundred years his descendants maintained the peace on Syk’ara as the people advanced from rudimentary metal worker, hunting and gathering for food to building magnificent cities with agriculture in copious abundance. 


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