The Gathering Swarm

A dull buzz fills the cool morning air, beginning as a pale whisper in the distance slowly growing to an annoyance on an otherwise peaceful day.  Tending to his chickens a man in his late fifties scatters feed about as he does every morning, but he can’t help but be concerned bye the odd sound growing in the distance.  The chickens themselves moments later rapidly descend into a panic and scurry about in a frenzy of terror and confusion.  Suddenly trying to gather his fowl, and forgetting the buzz beneath the rampant squawking of the chickens that are now bounding up and about scattering feathers and dust all around creating a cloud of clutter and dizzying confusion.  But the buzz grew louder, and louder until it was a roar hanging over his farm, a cloud of bugs, each larger than the chickens that were now cowering under what ever they could find.  The bugs caste a pall over the farm as they descended and quickly gobbled up the chickens until there was nothing left but blood and feathers. 
            Feeling partly glad to be alive, but still trembling in terror, the man scurries back into the house to call for help.  But the nonchalant Cipa’ci on the other end calmly informed the man that the bugs were no threat to him and that he would no longer be allowed to raise chickens by order of law. 


Amid the chaos that is freedom, there was peace in the galaxy.  Half a millennia had passed since the Ancients moved beyond the breadth of the galaxy, leaving behind technology that connected the civilized worlds.  Leaving an expansive galaxy a smaller place than they had found it a millennium ago.  They united over fifty species and thousands of cultures with a singular tongue; from the vineyards of Bacchus, to the emerald cities of Tuatara, on space stations like Axum and (name,) in the flower filled valleys of Cipa’nid and in the magnificent capital city of the Court of Rosalie on Syk'rha. The galactic language is spoken by all whom were touched bye the Ancients; Apsu, Syk’a rii, Cipa’ci, Ravus and Tuatarans alike share little, but they all speak the same language. 

            The Ancients brought more than technology and language; they also brought industry and technology.  The scattered settlements of Apsu and Syk’a rii who accompanied the Ancients into the galaxy trade freely with the indigenous peoples whose homes remain mostly homogenous is race.  Despite equality in technology and opportunity there remains much tension among the more xenophobic peoples; neither the Tuatarans nor the Cipa’ci will allow other races to their home worlds.  Both races harbor a particular hatred for the Apsu who they view as interlopers; unwanted and overpopulated.  While the Syk’a rii all came at once and slowly spread to smaller settlements on unpopulated worlds, the Apsu had been arriving in waves for over a century before the Ancients moved into the galaxy, mingling with local populations and in some cases taking over already established colonies as was the case on Pyrah where the Cipa’ci had a small settlement at the same time the Ancients arrived.  It wasn’t long before the Apsu far outnumbered the Cipa’ci who eventually returned home to Cipa’nid. 
            The Syk’a rii who were moving their entire society, were looking for a singular home world where they would re-establish the society and culture they carried from their home planet Syk’ara.  The Apsu had no collective memory of their ancestral home, the little history they have are ancient tales of wandering space for untold eons.  Some Apsu are descended from people who had been enslaved by the enemies of the Ancients and were traveling with them in search of a new home, they mostly live in the Hellas system and on a few other worlds like Tchefuncte and Hister.  Other groups of Apsu arrived after the Ancients, one such group settled on Condura where a rigid matriarchy was established; they are more xenophobic than Tuatarans, refusing to deal with men on any level, and insisting that any trade ships that arrived have a female captain and that the men not be allowed to leave the ship while their on Conduran soil.




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