The Galactic Record

The collective knowledge of the galaxy


           The greatest gift the Ancients left behind was an interconnected data bank, connecting people across the galaxy. Known as the Galactic Record, it is stored in massive data centers on each planet, and space station.  As ships travel from port to port, that data is spread and updated continuously.  Each ship, while at port receives a data push, updating that ships copy of the Record, before receiving the upload, a download is made adding any new data to that ports banks.  Most of these functions are automatic, and generally considered part of standard maintenance when making port.  Private messages are carried about in this same manner, and the recipient receives after entering their personal ID and pass code.   There is consistent maintenance of the Galactic Record, the Learned Society, has an entire division whose sole purpose is to maintain, and keep up to date the Galactic Record.  They maintain independent files listing everything available in the public parts of the Record and copies there of. 

In addition to the shared Galactic Record, most planets and stations maintain a separate global network for communication, commerce, entertainment and in the more repressive locales mandates and propaganda.  In places of the later ilk, the Galactic Record is usually off limits to the general public, though the data is still available to whoever is in charge. 

Access to the record can be made through any number of devices.  The onboard computers of a ported ship, a standard home or office terminal, the myriad of smaller handheld devices available on different worlds, as well as some ornamental devices; wristbands, in-palm mitts, pendants worn hanging from the neck, and heads up devices worn like glasses. 

There is no limit to the kinds of data available in the Record, from detailed descriptions of every known planet’s flora and fauna, to the recipe for Bacchan  spicy florga and rice.  Help wanted ads for brave souls looking for work in the stars, technical data on devices of all sort, though the Learned Society takes great care to prevent specs for potential weapons from becoming available in the Record. 

The shared knowledge of the galaxy is available to anyone who seeks it, and is allowed access to, the Galactic Record. 


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