The wise man in the wilderness

Preceding Jho’safar by nearly a thousand years, he is the prophet on which the Syk’a rii religion, Enoch'var is based.  A great warrior in the first 87 years of his life, at the age of 88, he went into seclusion and did not emerge for nearly seven years.  Upon his return, he began to speak of peace and new ways of interacting.  An entire code for life was presented in a text known simply as the Book of Enoch. 

Throughout Syk’aran history there had been prophecies of one who would unite the Syk’a rii people and lead them into a golden age of prosperity. His teaching came to be the accepted method for reaching that golden age. He would spend his remaining 70 years of life spreading his teaching across Syk’ara. While most Syk’a rii accepted the new faith, there was still much strife and dissention among them until the coming of Jho’safar Bien Iko. 

In the last decade of his life Enoch, during a period of deep contemplation and introspection, discovered a power from within himself.  Dubbed Rha’chak, or the Way of Life, Enoch gathered a small group of his finest students he called Mhy’za and taught them the path of Rha’chak.  The teachings were a closely guarded secret for centuries, passed along to the noblest men and women among the Syk’aran people.


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