A short, ill tempered, green feathered Cipa’ci man, Colibre rose from the obscurity of a low level bureaucrat to become one of the most powerful Cipa’ci not living on Cipa’nid.  On him home planet he would have been bound by his caste, the Voulu, to never be more than subordinate to the ruling red feathered Majesteux.   But Colibre was not raised on Cipa’nid, he was raised in the stars, the son of Cipa’ci traders eking out a living among the Apsu on half a dozen worlds. After a rudimentary education with his fathers crew, he began to teach himself business, reading over every file he could find.  As soon as he was old enough the young Cipa’ci took a job as a merchant salesman, and quickly earned a position as a bureaucrat with the largest Cipa’ci trading company in the galaxy, Crimson Quill; which is little more than a tool of the ruling Majesteux on his peoples home planet.  The 50 families that rule the assorted provinces gave permission for this company to be formed and operate on their behalf.  All profits belong to the Majesteux, but far beyond the view, and oversight of their masters, the sons of Cipa’nid make much mischief in the galaxy. 

After rising in the ranks of Crimson Quill, Colibre is able to gather up for himself quite an empire of ships and trading post, that are more loyal to him, than to the company.  By paying his people extra, under the table, he garners a loyalty the heavy handed Majesteux could never imagine.  Realizing he needs a solid base of operation among the Apsu to fully insulate himself from the company, Colibre takes an unusual turn. He turns to god, more precisely the Phoenix god of the Cipa’ci religion. On the planet Pyrah, the local Apsu have began to convert to the Cipa’ci religion, Phoenicia; using this to his advantage, he poses as a high priest in the Phoenician way and becomes the Pyranese King's most trusted advisor. He maintains his clandestine operations off world in from his headquarters on Pyrah.  Through shrewd maneuvering he establishes a vast empire of commercial interest, using his constantly growing wealth to influence and manipulate the political structure on Pyrah.  So while many insiders know full well his true intentions, they look the other way while Colibre lines their pockets and keeps them in power.  

From his place on Pyrah, Colibre begins to muscle in on many of the smaller shipping operations in the sector.  No goods arrive or leave on Pyrah without the High Priest dipping his beak in the profits.  Independent spacers and pirates alike are rapidly loosing market share with the spread of Colibre’s empire.  Still under the banner of Crimson Quill, he aggressively expands operations across the galaxy; building larger ships and establishing larger space ports on planets previously only favored by smaller independent spacers; all without the knowledge of the Apsu man grooming him for higher office on Pyrah, Rhoma.  Much of the older leadership of Crimson Quill, either “retires” or accepts the new direction Colibre is taking the company in.  His only true competition is the massive Co’ir Transport Company that is the major player in the galaxy.  But under the shadowy leadership of Colibre, the Crimson Quill is rapidly growing in influence.


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