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The most successful and advanced company in the galaxy, Co’ir was founded bye a Syk’a rii engineer and an Apsu pilot.  They began as a shuttle service, ferrying people between Syk’a rii and Apsu settlements across the galaxy, and eventually, to all the new worlds they were introduced to bye the Ancients.  Co’ir quickly became the best way for ordinary people to get from one world to another, short of owning your own ship.  There were smaller companies that provide the same service, but none as strong and efficient as Co’ir.  Employing a team of Ravus engineers who constantly maintain and upgrade their ships, Co’ir is always a step ahead of the competition.  The company would go on to open schools to train their employees, and found cities to house those employees and the space ports that house their ships.  The Ravus also serve as instructors in the schools, training maintenance technicians and pilots.  The  existence of Co’ir has created business across the galaxy in support of their operation.  From mining companies who gather and process the raw metals to build there ships, farmers who grow the food, and raise the cattle for meals served on their ships, and to the companies that make the textiles and sew the clothes that make up the Co’ir uniforms known throughout the galaxy.  Relaxed fitting tan pants, royal blue shirts and brown leather jackets, and the tan caps with the  Co’ir logo emblazoned on them. 

The best pilot in the Co'ir fleet, some would say, the best pilot in the galaxy is an Apsu man named Bah'ni A'kar; who commands a ship called the Bythos Blitzer. The longtime CEO of Co'ir is Jeph Gi'hyl who was appointed to that position at the tender age of 24, he has guided the company to its greatest hights.

Co'ir Transport Company

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