Cathice Malory



The daughter of Gein and Syrah Malory of the Apsu settled world Condura, Cathice was the third of their five children her four siblings all being boys.   Gein Malory operated a successful interplanetary shipping company that kept the family fairly well off.  But it also kept him and each of his sons, as they reached an appropriate age, off world for weeks at a time.  He mostly moved goods to and from a nearby space station where he could sell off his Conduran goods and purchase goods to be resold on his home world.  As a small girl Cathice spent most of her time alone with her mother who treats her like the perfect little angle, dressing her up in the finest clothes and buying her the prettiest dolls; only to have her rowdy brothers break her dolls and stain her clothes whenever they came home.  The time alone with her mother was pleasant and peaceful, but when the men were home her life became chaotic and confusing.  She was quite intelligent and keenly clever, frequently she got herself into trouble in oft time failed attempts to incriminate her brothers.  Her usually doting mother became distant and inattentive when the men were home.  Fresh from the stars her older brothers, flush with cash engaged in whatever bedevilment struck their fancies; leaving her mother to clean up whatever messes they created. 

Conduran politics and social structure was in a state of flux during Cathice’s childhood over the previous 150 years the men of Condura had worked ceaselessly building the infrastructure for their people, from the underground power and plumbing to extensive satellite systems that keeps the planets plethora of settlements in contact.  While the men were building the physical society, the women were set to organizing to social society.  But as the period of rapid growth and expansion slowed to a near halt many of the men who had worked so hard for so long wanted to sit back and relax.  This wasn’t really possible for the women who still had to tend to children, crops and livestock that were always needed.  Many women began to resent the older generations of men; younger men, feeling their forefathers had done the work for them, descended in debasement of all kinds, unwilling to do jobs they considered women’s work.  A sense of entitlement filled the hearts of many of these young men leaving their minds vacant of any sense of loyalty to the greater society or even to their own well being.  It was in this atmosphere of slacker men in public and boorish men at home that a young Cathice was raised. 

One month before her 12th birthday, with her father and brothers home, Cathice witnessed an event that would profoundly affect her feelings toward men.  One of her brothers, 14 year old Darcan was accused of trying to rape one of her school mates, a girl named Kyra who happened to be in Cathice’s math class.  She was not friends with the girl, Cathice had few friends; she was a shy and quiet girl though very, very smart.  When authorities came to the house to speak with Gein and Syrah about the accusation against their son, Cathice was in the room.  Darcan vehemently denied the accusation, and insisted Cathice speak up for him.  Before the girl could respond her mother jumped in and demanded he leave his sister out of it; which summoned a sudden slap from Gein who ordered both mother and daughter from the room so he could speak with the investigators.  The accusation would in time be dismissed, but it would not be the last time Darcan brought the attention of the law.  Each time Darcan would deny the accusations and his father would defend him.  This wore hard on Syrah who had long lived under the hand of her husband, and as her boys got older they took to commanding her about just as their father did.  The rumors of Darcan’s sexual proclivities made Cathice’s already tenuous social status at school even more difficult. 

Two years later with her father away, the oldest son, Gein Jr who was by then commanding his own ship, got into an argument with Syrah, that ended with him striking her just as he had seen his father do many times before.  Emotionally crushed, and at her wits end, Syrah called the authorities and demanded they arrest her son.  While in custody Gein Jr sent word to his father that his mother had him arrested; eight days into a four week trip when he received the message Gein Sr immediately returned to Condura to have his son released.  That night he mercilessly beat Syrah, her screams could be heard throughout the house; the boys laughed with joy, knowing their father would defend them against any accusation.  Cathice sat quietly in her bed crying.  The next day Senior and Junior were both gone, off to the stars once again and within hours of their departure, so was Syrah.  She deposited Cathice in the company of her sister in the southern hemisphere and disappeared.

Living with her aunt Klyn, a devout misandrist, who deeply resents the lazy men in society, Cathice has very little contact with her brothers, save for the youngest boy Lymon who was closer to their mother than the others.  Cathice became an introverted, dark, brooding young woman, ripe for indoctrination onto the path to the "Next Step."  The way of "The Path" teaches unity and equality as the true ways to improve the galaxy.  But she takes these notions io another direction.  Already disillusioned by her father, she is further scared when her oldest brother, the pride of the family is accused of having a homosexual affair with his married first mate.  Without hesitation Cathice sides with the scorned bride, her brother was ruined, and in an act of pure spite, she leaks out further evidence of her father’s own affairs with women and men, further tarnishing the entire family.  The final breaking point for the Mallory clan came when Lymon discovered their mother had come home, only to take her own life.  He found her dead at the family table where they shared meals during his childhood.  He would later descend into heavy drinking and eventually turned to narcotics.  After the funeral Cathice would only see her father at subsequent graduations and other family gatherings, rare as they were. 

A few months after her mother’s death and funeral Cathice found out that she was pregnant by a boy she met while living with Klyn.  Initially she was terrified that her misandrist aunt would do something to the boy if she found out, it soon became impossible to hide.  Klyn confined Cathice to the house during the duration of the pregnancy, forcing her to withdraw from school and within months of the birth of her son, Miklosh her fears were realized when the boy’s father was reported him missing, he would never be heard from again. 

                Decades later Cathice had risen to become a leading professor at the academy.  Frequently she would appear on broadcasts advocating ways to improve the deteriorating society on Condura.  The years passed, and a long festering drug problem was growing worse, to the point where over 40% of the planets men were addicted.  An additional 30% of women were addicted as well, but the men, who are said to be driven to hyper sexuality by the narcotics were the main target law enforcement.  But it’s the case of a Conduran Spacer named Miklosh who tips the scales against the men of Condura.  He is captured off world after leaving a trail of rape and abuse across the galaxy.  Returned to Condura for Trial Cathice is a leading advocate of his execution.  The trial was a chaotic mess, women across the planet wanted to make an example of him, and the few men still in power sensed calamity and spoke for his expulsion from the planet.  Let someone else deal with him, they claim.  His crimes were committed off world, why should he be punished on Condura, they asked.  When the male judge ruling over the case agreed, and decided to banish the criminal from Condura, the planets women were in an uproar.  A group of female and male students from the LS academy called upon Cathice, the outspoken accuser, to take action.  In a bloodless coup celebrated by many citizens, Cathice took control of the planet.  And within months a new Gynocracy was born.  The men within the government were purged, some fired, and many others simply disappeared in the middle of the night.  As for the criminal himself.  He was to be executed, using a method devised by the Ancients, his death was announced and a new Condura was born.  The mother of the revolution, Cathice Mallory laid the path for the future of Condura.


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