Calabolg 873 (C73)



            The Calabolg 873 is a hand held repeating fire weapon developed on the planet Artio.  Introduced before the arrival of the Ancients, the C73 as is it commonly known has long been the weapon of choice among Arthyrian police and criminals alike.  The weapon fires a 3mm round of kinetic ammunition made of a secret yttrium based alloy.  The inventor of the weapon, Brogan Calabolg whose intent was to do away with the lethal powder based fire arms in common use in ante-ancient times.   The new weapon was an instant hit, and with the later encouragement of the Ancients completely replaced powder based guns which were banned; their technology lost to the bythos.  No record of the existence of or, directions on producing gun powder exists in the galactic record. 

The power on the C73 can be adjusted; altering the firing range and strength of the wattage a round carries when it strikes an intended target.  A factory set C73 can fire, on the low end 25 watts, on the high end 50 watts, and is not intended to be a lethal weapon.  However many criminals modify their weapons to fire a charge upwards of 100 watts.  What makes the kinetic round particularly effective is that it can continue to draw power from the target.  If a person struck with a kinetic round attempts to move, or fight off the bullet, the charge can hold, or even increase with the targets own kinetic energy continuing to power the bullet. 

A C73 contains a clip that can hold 5000 round of kinetic bullets.  The manufacturing process leaves the rounds inert, they are shipped to law enforcement in this state so that if the shipment is intercepted the rounds will be useless to the thieves.  Each department has in its armory a device issued by the manufacture of their weapons that activates the rounds, 4 cases at a time.  In this process, the rounds are given a specific electronic signal that will limit those bullets to only work with the weapons being charged by the same device.  Criminal organizations will often have their own charging apparatus, or have bribed enough of the local constabulary to make use of their device. 

The largest draw back of the C73 is that if the kinetic round passes through the body of the intended target, while leaving damage, it does not have the debilitating effect it would have if lodged in the targets body.  Most law enforcement officers are trained to aim for fleshy parts of the body to prevent this unfortunate outcome. 

There is a rarely seen riffle version of the Calabolg design known as the Calabolg 947, using the same rounds, it provides for a longer firing range and over the longer traveling distance, the bullets would at times develop a larger charge triggering a small explosion upon contact with a target.  Law enforcement felt this was too much damage for their intended use, so the weapons were banned, and many of those that had already been produced were destroyed.  Attempts were made to perfect the design including manufacturing a new kinetic round but these were mostly fruitless, as engineers were unable to create an alloy that would hold a consistent charge at varied distances.


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