Bah'ni Bantageaux
...the best pilot in the stars, bottom line!
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Captain Bantageaux, an Apsu pilot in the service of the Co'ir Transport Company; Bah'ni Bantageaux is renowned across the Bythos as one of the best pilots there is.  Trained in a Science Guild Academy, her knowledge of the stars is bewildering.  Fresh out of the Academy she took a post on the freight ship TK1021 as a Lt Navigator.  Her primary function being to take the navigators position on the bridge when the primary navigator was off duty.  One night during her off duty time, the ship was attacked by pirates.  During the siege the captain ordered the young Lt to go to the data storage area and lock down the navigational files.  Here she encountered an unusual looking pirate.  The Apsu man was short, a bit chubby, and dressed more like a Cipa'ci gaffler than a pirate.  The awkward man, in an oddly polite manner asks the Lt. Bantageaux to gather the NAV data for him.  Lt. Bantageaux refused, and attacks the odd little man; she had the man subdued in short order but one of his cohorts intervened and in the ensuing scuffle much of the Data stores were destroyed in a small explosion that left a bit of debris lodged in Lt. Bantageaux's skull.  Hours pass before her body was found, while the rest of the crew was busy fighting the pirates.  In that time, her wound had already begun to heal, her body absorbing part of the media.  In a highly unusual result, the nanobots in her blood didn't reject the foreign material, but instead fusing the debris to her skull and wrapping the brain tissue about it. 

Already a highly skilled pilot, Bah'ni Bantageaux became a living NAV computer, from any point in space, she can instantly plot a course to anywhere else in known space, and even locate objects not previously known in the Galactic Record.  Unsure of her new abilities, she chooses to keep them to herself; often giving her captain courses without ever entering the data into the computers.  Her ability to plot the fastest, most direct course makes Lt. Bantageaux a fast riser to Sr. Navigator, then eventually to captain of her own ship.  Her first command, is of a small freight vessel, dispatched to smaller ports; transporting rare fineries from the edges of civilization.  On one such mission to a small moon settlement in the (unnamed) system, Captain Bantageaux receives word from her superiors asking her to travel into the nearby Galaxies Edge to locate another ship that had gone there three years previous and never returned.  The captain of that ship, one Admiral Wargi Shelvoc, was exploring the space beyond the Galaxies Edge in search of new trade for Co’ir but had not yet returned, or even sent back any communications.  So Captain Bantageaux and her small crew are sent to investigate.  Their only orders were to trace his last know course and find out if he was still alive.  But upon discovering that the Admiral was indeed still alive Capt. Bantageaux decides to track him down, believing that he was only a few days journey away.  That few days journey became a 5 year odyssey into unknown space that included the losing of her ship and most of her crew in the process.  

On the planet Khaloon Capt. Bantageaux is horrified to find that nearly half the planets inhabitants are hopelessly addicted to a substance called soma.  And before she knows it, so is nearly half her small ten man crew.  Sidetracked by the horror she sets out to find the source of the scourge, on behalf of the planets rulers and herself. Taking her remaining crew and a pair of Khaloons, she travels to the planet said to be the source of the drug, a world called Nhedun, where she is astonished to find that it is Admiral Shelvoc who has taken up the cause of exporting of soma across the galaxy.   As the drug was discovered to be diminished during long space voyages in the initial trial exports; an artificial form was prepared, and it was that artificial form of soma that was devastating Khaloon.  The Admiral himself, deeply addicted to the drug believes himself to be saving people by sharing the great benefits of soma with other species.  He fully intended to spread it across the stars and on to the other side of the Galaxies Edge, but he was so riddled by the drugs effects, driven dysfunctional to the point that he could no longer arrange the efforts to complete his intentions.   Deranged from excessive use of soma, Admiral Shelvoc refuses to leave the planet insisting that he has no desire to return to Co’ir and that he had resigned his command, while keeping the title, to pursue his efforts to spread the “joy” of soma. The Admiral insists that Capt. Bantageaux and her crewmen indulge in his greatest discovery, when they refuse, the Admiral flies into a rage. Ordering the death of the two Khaloons and attempting to torture the Co'ir crewman. Not willing to harm a fellow officer Capt. Bantageaux is ordered into a cage. The Admirals headquarters is a former civic center with a zoo attached, and he uses the zoo's cages as a brig, which is where Capt. Bantageaux spends the next two years. With the assistance of her surviving crewman, Capt. Bantageaux is able to escape Nhedun. Capt. Bantageaux and (unnammed older gaffler) are the only two that manage to escape the battle. They are then able to hitch rides back to the galaxies edge where they traveled with pirates back to civilized space.  After telling her tale, and discovering that a few of her original crew along with some of the Admiral’s crew had made it back as well, she is given a new command, a new crew and given a new mission.  But Bah’ni Bantageaux is a changed woman.  No more the stickler for rules and regulations, she wears her hair down, and longer, her uniform less often, and is far more lax with her new crew than she had been on her first command.  Her new ship, is actually her first ship, the first ship she served on, TK1021, which she named the Bythos Blitzer. 
Bounding across space, from star to star, station to station, Captain Bah'ni Bantageaux is the woman Co'ir calls for the most dangerous and urgent of missions.  If it’s getting supplies to colonists on far off moon, tracking down a ship lost in space or escorting diplomats on urgent missions, no other spacer will do.  Though she is technically forbidden from transporting regular passengers, she is always in high demand from those that need to get somewhere fast. 

Just as Captain Bah'ni Bantageaux is no ordinary pilot, her ship, the Bythos Blitzer, is no ordinary freighter, it her highly specialized, with retrofitted engines, expanded freight space, a reduced crew (only the best, bravest; some say craziest, spacers fly with Capt. Bantageaux,) and a palatial Iko's suite for those special passengers. The captain herself prefers more humble accommodations; she sleeps on the ships observation desk, where she has an overhead view of passing stars to which she has a hyper sensitive connection.   Despite her reputation for successfully completing the most dangerous and reckless of missions, serving on the Bythos Blitzer is seen as a career ender.  Most other captains look down on Capt. Bantageaux’s nature and style of command; she treats her crew like family, actually many of them are actually related to one another.  Her crew is seen as lax and untrustworthy by other captains, but to a man, they will gladly lay down their lives for their captain. 


CREW MEMBERS:  All but one member of the crew were raised within the company; all but one are Academy graduates, trained to perform the duties they perform on the Bythos Blitzer. 

1st Officer: Apsu man, a highly talented pilot in his own right, he is totally devoted to his closet friend, and mentor Captain Bantageaux.  A decorated officer he is frequently chided for refusing to leave Bantageaux’s command.  “He had a promising career until he went to work for Bantageaux.

Science Officer/ Medic: Syk’a rii male, brother of Security Officer; with a crew of mostly Apsu and Syk’arans his medical duties are minimal.  So he spends most of his time working on the various research projects and assisting his sister maintaining the ships armament.

Chief Engineer:  Shalmana Natra:  A Ravus female, raised at a LS Academy, in a mostly Apsu environment.  She is, like most Ravus, incredibly intelligent, and intensely curious.  Her curiosity is mostly directed at her Apsu shipmates who she finds fascinating.  One of her ongoing pet projects it to develop a device that will allow her to see to see full spectrum of colors as seen by most other species.  She feels it will allow her to achieve a better understanding of their wide range of emotions.   Ravus are color blind, and are in general very mild in nature though some of them can become quite inflamed when attempting to solve a problem. 

Asst. Engineer/ Programmer:  Apsu man (perhaps gay) A brilliant programmer, he is the first to crack the firmware developed by Nathaniel to hack into Co’ir and Cipa’ci ship’s systems.  He is also a fierce warrior, who fights with the reckless abandon of a savage warrior. 

Security Officer: Syk’a rii female, sister of Science Officer; with the assistance of her brother, she has equipped the Bythos Blitzer with the galaxies most potent array of on ship weaponry.  Most Co’ir ships have only a few standard cannons that fire projectile ordinance; metal cased explosives. 

Guard 1:  A Priscan man, one of the few working for Co’ir.  Most work for Priscan concerns, even after attending LS Academies.  Often working to procure weapons for the crews use on special missions.

Guard 2:  An Apsu man, weapons and explosives expert he is the primary tactician for off ship operations. 

Navigator/ Cook: Apsu man, probably the least qualified member of the crew, he is not much of a navigator, but Capt. Bantageaux doesn’t need one.  He is however an excellent cook, which is why he is on the ship.

Chief Gaffler/ Quarter Master; Apsu man, the oldest member of the crew, and the defacto conscious of the group, he was a member of Bah’ni’s original crew that ventured beyond the Galaxies Edge.  Despite his job, the Captain frequently goes to him for advice when making tuff decisions.  His four sons serve as gaffler’s under her. 

Gaffler 1:  The oldest son, loyal to his father to a fault, he could be a pilot on another ship, and on occasion he is allowed a duty shift on the bridge. 

Gaffler 2:  The second son, gruff in demeanor, he does his job, but never lets anyone go without knowing how much he hates it.  He is a constant complainer, but he works just as hard, if not harder than anyone else on the ship.  He is the handy sort and often assists the engineers with repairs, which he also complains about.

Gaffler 3:  The 3rd son, he has a different mother than his brothers.  He is the product of a liaison in the stars.  He did not attend a LS Academy, he serves at the discretion of the captain, but he is a brilliant, self-taught programmer and engineer who only carries the title of gaffler for payroll purposes.  He is primarily an assistant engineer.  He and the Ravus chief engineer are the best of friends, she teaches him engineering, and he teaches her about being Apsu.

Gaffler 4: The youngest of the four brothers, he is not long out of the Academy and is working his first duty in the stars.  The other boys, had all server on other vessels. 

General Crewman:  Apsu, junior deck hands that serve on the bridge, during off duty shifts, backup navigator when the Captain is off the ship. 

General Crewman: Syk’a rii, junior deck hands that serve on the bridge, during off duty shifts

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